5 Best (& 5 Worst) Episodes Of Season 7 (According To IMDb)

Season 7 is definitely not one of Supernatural‘s best; in fact, most fans consider the Leviathan storyline one of the worst thar the show came up with! However, while the Leviathans, the constant Dick (Roman) jokes, and the loss of Bobby (and Cas, in terms of help), were less than enjoyable, there were still a few gems to be found in season seven.

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As always, Supernatural can blend horror, comedy, myth, and family legend in an incredible way, and many of these episodes are the perfect mix. The dynamic between Sam and Dean is incredible, even and Sam struggles to retain his sanity, and their sorrow over Bobby’s death is truly heartbreaking to watch.

10 Worst: The Slice Girls (8.2)


This particularly strange episode relies on patricide as the hook, as Sam and Dean go up against the Amazonians – and find that the young members of the ‘tribe’ become warriors by killing their fathers. Of course, these being supernatural creatures, their young grow to teenagers within a few days, which leaves space for a one-night-stand of Dean’s to turn into his young daughter trying to kill him. It’s a strange concept and has no ties to the plot, so it’s no wonder it’s not popular.

9 Best: Survival Of The Fittest (8.9)


The season finale, ‘Survival of the Fittest’ sees the Winchesters fighting it out with Dick Roman – and of course, finally beating him. The episode ends with Dean ending up with Castiel in purgatory, in the usual Supernatural style cliffhanger finale to set up the next season. It’s no surprise that this is one of the most popular episodes of the season – fans always love a big showdown, and as hated a villain as Dick was, everyone loved watching him explode into goo. (Time After Time – where Dean is sent back to the ’40s – also gets an 8.9 on the site).

8 Worst: Adventures In Babysitting (8.1)


While there was nothing particularly terrible about this episode, it was just a bit formulaic. The boys are still processing Bobby’s death, and Dean is clearly taking it harder than Sam. In the meantime, the case of the week is a young woman whose father was a hunter, and who has now gone missing.

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She enlists Sam to help, and while this could have been a truly touching episode, it ended up being just a little boring, as the references to how Sam and Dean started out fall flat.

7 Best: Meet The New Boss (9.0)


Evil-God-Cas is in full swing for ‘Meet The New Boss’, which may be a fan-favorite not because of Cas, but because fan-favorite character Death makes a reappearance, which is always a pleasure. Dean wants to trap Death to use for his own ends, and the relationship between them is stunning to watch. Throw in some Crowley, and you’ve got a fantastic episode.

6 Worst: The Mentalists (8.1)


Supernatural may have assumed that setting an episode in ‘the most psychic town in America’ would be a shoo-in for a fan-favorite, but they were mistaken. ‘The Mentalists’ is a bit all over the place, and it doesn’t seem to totally understand where the line should be in terms of making fun of some of these psychics and putting them down as frauds, and remembering that the core fanbase may well be believers. Add in a plotline where the ghost they assume is a problem is actually trying to warn people – a plotline that has been used before – and it just doesn’t work overall.

5 Best: The Born Again Identity (9.0)


A Castiel-focused episode is usually going to be a fan-favorite, and ‘The Born Again Identity’ is no exception to this rule. In it, Dean finds Cas (who he assumed to be dead), working as a healer and believing himself to be a human with amnesia. He’s brought back to try and heal Sam, who has been institutionalized as a result of his persistent visions of Lucifer – and along the way, remembers everything he has done. It’s an emotionally fraught episode, and a great one.

4 Worst: Defending Your Life (8.1)


Supernatural has often brought in gods from various pantheons, and in this episode, it’s the turn of Osiris and the Egyptian gods. ‘Defending Your Life’ sees an angry Osiris killing those that he deems ‘guilty’ in life – and Dean is up next, after he and Sam start to investigate the case.

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They manage to get Dean off the hook, and overall, the episode is just a bit heavy-handed when it comes to addressing some of the things that the Winchester brothers have done.

3 Best: The Girl With The Dungeons And Dragons Tattoo (9.1)


It’s no wonder that ‘The Girl With The Dungeons And Dragons Tattoo’ is one of the best episodes of the season – it’s the first episode that Charlie appears in! Here, she’s just a gifted tech worker, employed by Dick Roman and drawn into situations that are beyond her control. However, Charlie is increasingly an audience surrogate for the nerdy parts of the fandom, and it’s amazing to see someone who is so charmingly geeky and badass at the same time.

2 Worst: Season Seven, Time For A Wedding (8.0)


It may come as a bit of a surprise to fans that this is the worst episode in the season, as it introduces fan-favorite quirky hunter Garth, includes the reappearance of superfan Becky, and includes Sam under a love spell (and his ‘wedding’). However, it seems that all of these factors weren’t enough to make fans love the episode. Maybe it was just too much awkward all in one hour.

1 Best: Death’s Door (9.3)


The mid-season finale, this is also one of the most important episodes in the entire show, as fans say goodbye to beloved Bobby. Shot in the head as the Winchesters were fleeing Dick Roman, this entire episode is devoted to Bobby and whether or not he will survive the injury. Much of it takes place inside Bobby’s head, as he attempts to escape the Reaper coming for him, and as many of his most powerful memories in life are revisited. It’s suspenseful, but also absolutely heartbreaking, and absolutely deserves the top spot.

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