5 Ways Veronica Is Different In The Archie Comics (& 5 Ways She’s The Same)

To a certain respect, Riverdale shouldn’t have to hold up to the same standards as its original comic book form in the Archie Comics. Why? Because the two are so vastly different that it is unfair to both to make comparisons between the two. One is lighthearted and fun while the other takes on seriously dark tones.

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Riverdale is for a modern age and fanbase, whereas the Archie Comics version is popular among nostalgic fans. With that said, there are a few things that Riverdale has kept the same when it comes to the main characters, especially Veronica. Let’s find out what is the same and what is different.

10 Different: Archie’s Main Love Interest


The reason why Archie is more into Veronica than Betty in Riverdale probably has to do with creating an edgier feel for both Veronica and Archie. Veronica isn’t the typical girl next door persona that Betty presents in the Archie Comics and on Riverdale.

Plus, it isn’t the stereotypical love triangle that one would expect from a teen drama. Whatever the reason may be, this difference in Archie’s love life is a significant change and one that fans of both the comics and Riverdale will have to get used to for better or worse.

9 Same: Background Still Relates To Being Rich


Veronica in the comics is known for her flamboyant behavior, a behavior that suits her rich girl persona. Her father in the comics is always trying to teach her lessons on how to be a respectable upright citizen that holds to strong moral values.

While the direction her father leads her might be different in Riverdale than in the comics, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a rich background. In fact, she is quite accustomed to getting what she wants when she wants and that is one of the few things not changed in the TV series.

8 Different: She Isn’t Spoiled


As previously stated, Veronica in the comics was quite spoiled. Her father loved her immensely and saw to it that his daughter had anything and everything handed to her. So, of course, that meant endless shopping sprees that involved buying the latest trends or anything she thought was cute.

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However, the Veronica in Riverdale has a more feminist nature about her. She doesn’t want things handed to her, instead, she wants to earn them by performing to the best of her abilities when it comes to her academics or business life.

7 Same: She Is Still All In On Archie


There are just some things that will not change no matter how played out they might be and one of those is Veronica still being madly in love with Archie. It makes sense in both the comics and on the television show why she is this way.

After all, Archie is a star athlete with a very personable and popular demeanor. Something that means everything to both versions of Veronica. The only difference being that in Riverdale, Archie is almost totally into Veronica rather than the Archie-Veronica-Betty love triangle.

6 Different: She Lacks Bangs


So, this might not be noticeable unless one is a die-hard Archie Comics fan but the Veronica in the comics had bangs, while her Riverdale counterpart doesn’t. This probably has more to do with when the Archie Comics were first published which was the style of the day back in the 1950s.

Riverdale sought to change the perception of almost all their characters by giving them a modern-day makeover. This might seem minuscule to most, but for those that are accustomed to her appearance in the comics might be a little shocked by the hairstyle change.

5 Same: Veronica And Betty Are Best Friends


Veronica and Betty were friends in both the Archie Comics and in Riverdale. However, in the comics, they are more rivals than friends. After all, they both are trying to win the affection of the same boy, Archie. This oftentimes put them on opposite sides and brought out their competitive natures.

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In Riverdale, there is no competition for Archie as he already is in love with Veronica yet there is still an underlying hint that the three will soon find themselves in the precarious position of vying for each other’s affections.

4 Different: She Is Of Latino Descent


Back when the Archie Comics first come out, there wasn’t exactly an avenue for people of color to be shown in such popular comics unless it was for comic relief. However, over the years, this has slowly being phased out allowing for characters of all backgrounds and sexual orientations to take the lead in popular comics, shows, and movies.

Veronica in the comics is the stereotypical rich, spoiled, popular white girl that every boy wants to be with. However, in the show her background has been changed, making her of Latino descent. It’s perfect since the actor cast for the role is Hispanic.

3 Same: Her Father Is A Businessman


Veronica’s cultural heritage might be different in Riverdale compared to the popular comics but that doesn’t mean everything about her background has changed. In fact, Veronica still comes from a wealthy family where she received anything and everything she ever dreamed of having.

The family has come across bad times but that doesn’t change her aristocratic demeanor. Her father was still a successful businessman that provided the family with all the wealth and glamour a teenager could want. Like her father, Veronica is highly intelligent and independent, wanting to follow a similar path of employment in her future.

2 Different: Her Father Is A Convict


While it is true that Veronica’s father is a businessman in the Archie Comics and in Riverdale, that doesn’t mean his personality is the same. In the comics, he is loving and constantly being fatherly by trying to teach Veronica life lessons he feels she is devoid of because of her spoiled upbringing.

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While in Riverdale, Veronica’s father is actually a convict that has been arrested for committing white-collar crimes in an attempt to keep the family afloat. He is less active in his daughter’s life due to his current circumstances fighting off federal charges.

1 Same: Veronica Is Still Popular


There are just some things that will never change. Most teen dramas have a smart, beautiful girl who the main male character is completely and totally infatuated with even though they come from two separate worlds.

This doesn’t change from the Archie Comics to Riverdale, as Archie is still madly in love with the girl that is too good to be true. Luckily for Archie, Veronica always seems up for a romance with him in both the comics and show with the only difference in Riverdale being that his infatuation with her is purer of heart.

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