A Hawkeye/Winter Soldier Team Up May Be Black Widow’s Only Hope

In Black Widow #1, something very strange is going on with Natasha Romanov, and her old partners Hawkeye and Winter Soldier may need to rescue her.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Black Widow #1

While Black Widow is perfectly capable of handling most situations and threats on her own, if must be nice to have two ex-boyfriends that still care enough about her to check on her when they discover that she might be in trouble. In the first issue of the new Black Widow series from writer Kelly Thompson and artist Elena Casagrande, Black Widow takes on a simple smash and grab mission, yet is jumped and shot with tranquilizer darts upon her return home. Three months pass, and Natasha Romanov seems to be living a new life in San Francisco. However, both Hawkeye and Winter Soldier notice that she seems to be acting odd, and it looks as though they may be teaming up once more to help Natasha out.

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This wouldn’t be the first time Clint and Bucky have teamed up for Natasha’s sake. After her death at the end of Secret Empire, Winter Soldier sees a dictator get assassinated in such a way that it only could have happened by the hand of Black Widow. In a way it was, though it was the Black Widow Yelena Belova and not Natasha. However, this led Bucky and Clint to investigate further, discovering that the Russian Black Widow Ops Program had cloned Natasha after her death, and one such clone was given all of Natasha’s memories, thereby “resurrecting” her. This new Natasha had gone deep undercover to try and eliminate the Red Room once and for all, gaining their trust and rising through their ranks. As a result, she locked her two exes in a safe room so they wouldn’t interfere when they found her. However, after they broke out, she allowed Bucky to join her into destroying what was left of the Red Room, while asking Clint not to follow her, as she believed that he would be too soft to do what was necessary.

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Now, in the new Black Widow series, Clint was watching TV when he spits out all his food, seeing Natasha herself in the background shot of a news story. This is incredibly odd, as someone as skilled as Natasha would never allow herself to to be caught on camera. Clint immediately calls Bucky to see what he knows, though that initially proves somewhat of a challenge for Clint (Natasha’s exes don’t like each other all that much).


After sending him a picture of Natasha on the TV, Bucky confirms that he hasn’t heard from her in 3 months, and that something is definitely up. They both decide that they need to go check on her. As a result, it looks like Hawkeye and Winter Soldier are riding together again once more for Natasha, and their concerns may prove to be quite valid.

The issue also reveals that Natasha is living a simple civilian life in San Francisco since being attacked in her own apartment. Apparently she’s working as an architect and living with an unknown man. However, what’s even more concerning is that all this time she’s been unknowingly monitored by the villain Arcade, which is even more strange and gives off strong Truman Show vibes. Apparently he’s grown tired of watching Black Widow and desperately wants to kill her, so it definitely seems as though Clint and Bucky arriving to San Fran will be a good thing, as Natasha might very well be brainwashed.

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