AGDQ 2021’s Best Day 1 Speed Runs

Charity speedrunning event Awesome Games Done Quick 2021 is kicking off the new year. Here are the most interesting runs from the event’s first day.

Twice a year since 2011, Games Done Quick has hosted charity speedrunning marathons to benefit two major non-profit organizations, Doctors Without Borders and The Prevent Cancer Foundation. These speedrunning events, online-only for the time being, showcase some of the very best of the community’s skills in an entertaining and approachable way with colorful commentary, amazing glitches, and pixel perfect actions. Here are the highlights from the first day.

Speedrunning involves attempting to finish a video game as quickly as humanly possible without using external cheats. Most popular games have an official ranking system with rules and regulations set by the community. This can often involve multiple categories per game, including restrictions like beating games without using glitches, or completing 100% of a game’s content, or even special runs like this 24 hour The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess run.

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Awesome Games Done Quick 2021 began January 3rd, meaning that there is already a day’s worth of excellent runs to track down and watch. Viewable on Games Done Quick’s Twitch channel, these runs showcase what makes the marathon setting so engaging and why Awesome Games Done Quick 2021 is the perfect time for those unaware of what speedrunning is all about to settle in, learn something new, and enjoy some of the highest skill-level players work their magic for a good cause.

Donkey Kong Country Speedrun


Donkey Kong Country Diddy Kong Ramby


The Donkey Kong Country Race between Eazinn and DadLovesBeer was an amazing showcase of how refined a speedrun can be. Using the No Major Skips category, the race saw both Eazinn and DadLovesBeer neck in neck for quite some time, with both runners executing perfect move after perfect move. The commentary was snappy and excited, and explained why certain stages were more difficult than others. Nintendo Switch players can get their hands on the whole SNES Donkey Kong Country Trilogy now to test their own speedruns if they’re inspired.

Just Cause 3 Speedrun

Just Cause 3 Wingsuit Wallpaper


The Just Cause 3 run focused on completing a single DLC, but pmcTRILOGY’s run was a nonstop riot of expert flying, missile dodging, and funny discussions from a collection of commenters. pmcTRILOGY himself was a great host to his own run and explained all of the tricks and techniques he used to accomplish this lightning fast speedrun. They even bounced back quickly after some technical glitches.

Dragon Age: Origins Speedrun

Flemeth Dragon Age Origins


Dragon Age: Origins demonstrated how hours long RPGs can be horribly broken in the name of speed. Runner Lemuura and his commenters had a lot of ground to cover, as there was so much going on in the background of this speedrun.

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Not only was magic abuse abundant, but the run also relied on messing with dialogue, character spawns, and map geometry. It might be good practice to watch as fans wait for Dragon Age 4, er, just Dragon Age.

Diddy Kong Racing


The Diddy Kong Racing run, clocking in at around two hours, demonstrated the awesome skill and endurance involved in completing a 100% run. This run had a full cast of commenters to help runner Obiyo concentrate, and there was a lot to talk about. Racing games like Diddy Kong Racing force players to deal with physics, map abnormalities, and often-tricky button inputs. This race was an edge-of-the-seat experience for its entire run, a difficult feat to accomplish.

There is still a full week of amazing charity runs ahead for Awesome Games Done Quick, and there are sure to be more fascinating races that show of the incredible skill of the speedrunning community, where years-old records are still being broken. The fact that this entire event is done in the name of charity makes it a wonderful opportunity to explore this growing subset of gaming culture and check out the skill on display. Just make sure to check out these videos quickly, there’s a lot more on the horizon.

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Source: Games Done Quick/Twitch

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