Bates Motel “The Escape Artist” Sees Dylan Narrowly Avoid Death

Bates Motel “The Escape Artist” sees Norman grow closer to Cody while Dylan narrowly escapes death when he gets sucked into a shootout.

Bates Motel’s “The Escape Artist” sees Dylan narrowly avoid death while Norman grows closer to Cody – much to Norma’s chagrin. The original Psycho is based on Robert Bloch’s novel, and the movie was supposed to be a low-budget experiment by Alfred Hitchcock. In addition to its shocking – and widely spoiled main twist – the movie broke many taboos of the era that seem quaint now. This includes seeing a toilet flashing onscreen and lovers sitting on a bed together in a semi undressed state.

Psycho is a landmark in the genre but only became a franchise 22 years later. Psycho II started life as a TV movie that later morphed into a theatrical release when it was clear audience interest in it was high. The sequel itself remains underrated as a taut psychological thriller, as Norman is released and “cured” of his illness, only for the killings to start up again. Anthony Perkins took the reins for the delightfully odd Psycho III, which has its fans now but was a financial disappointment back in 1986. Perkins’ final appearance as Norman came with Psycho IV: The Beginning, where a present-day Bates talks about his teen years and twisted relationship with his mother, with the young Norman played by Henry Thomas.

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Gus Van Sant directed the widely lambasted Psycho remake in 1998 starring Vince Vaughn, which felt like a big-budget fan film as Van Sant sought to recreate the original shot for shot. There didn’t seem to be much else to do with the material until Bates Motel arrived on A&E in 2013, which acted as both a prequel to Psycho and something of a remake in its final season, but set in modern-day. Bates Motel season 2 proved to be a very dramatic one for the Bates clan, with Dylan – Norma’s other son and Norman’s half-brother – discovering he’s the result of a sexual assault by Norma’s brother Caleb.


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Dylan is still reeling from this in Bates Motel’s season 2 episode 5 “The Escape Artist,” which also sees him getting sucked deeper into the criminal underworld in White Pine Bay. In the aftermath of drug trafficker Zane Morgan burning down Sheriff Romero’s house, he requests to meet Dylan at a restaurant. Romero roundly beats the hell out of Zane before the meeting though and after he and Dylan finish eating, they’re shot at by a passing car. Dylan fires back and is hit and run over by the escaping vehicle.

There’s no need to worry though, as Dylan awakes in the hospital with minor injuries and is thanked for his bravery by “boss” Jodi Morgan for saving her brother Zane’s life. The Bates Motel Cody and Norman romance continued apace elsewhere in “The Escape Artist,” despite her and Norma having a testy conversion and the latter taking a dislike to her. This episode follows on from Norman having had a blackout while confronting Caleb in the previous episode, with Cody finding and bringing him home. They later bond over their messy relationships with their respective parents, with Cody’s father being abusive to her. They later head to Cody’s isolated treehouse where they sleep together.

This episode also sees Sheriff Romero come to stay at the hotel after his house is burned down, and later becoming angry when Norma washes his clothes without asking. The Emma/Gunner Bates Motel romance also heats up, with the pair going on a date, with Emma even confiding with Norma about her plans to lose her virginity to him. Norman isn’t happy though as Gunner sells weed, but Emma doesn’t mind. Norma also meets up with Nick Ford to discuss the bypass the will affect her motel – but she’s unaware he’s a drug dealer with some hidden motives in helping out.

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