Braunwyn Sad Pandemic Drove Cast Apart Due To Differing Opinions & Distance

Real Housewives of Orange County star Braunwyn reveals that the pandemic did drive the cast apart and that she is not speaking to her castmates.

The Real Housewives of Orange County star Braunwyn Windham-Burke is speaking out about the cast, just after the premiere of RHOC season 15. She has revealed that she has separated herself from the rest of the cast due to the coronavirus pandemic and differences in lifestyle.

The new season of RHOC aired on October 14 and looks a little different for the viewers. While the cast was filming, the coronavirus pandemic hit, and the world was forced to go into lockdown. California was especially strict, mandating a stay-at-home order for the state. To say this season will be interesting is an understatement.

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According to Digital Spy, Braunwyn spoke about how the coronavirus impacted the cast. The show filmed during the lockdown order, with Shannon Storm Beador documenting her journey with the virus. During some off time, RHOC star Kelly Dodd caused significant backlash due to her controversial Instagram posts, where she downplayed just how serious the coronavirus is. Most recently, Dodd was pictured sporting a cap that said “Drunk Wives Matter,” which is an ignorant play on the words used by the BLM movement. Such moments created a divide within the cast, which Braunwyn touched upon in her interview with the publication. “I have a lot of thoughts on [Kelly],” she told the publication. “I’m saving most of them for the reunion, but Kelly and I are diametrically opposed right now with our ideology. I think everyone knows that.” The mother of seven went on the say how the pandemic may have separated them physically, but she did not realize how much it would drive them apart in terms of friendship.


Braunwyn Windham-Burke The Real Housewives of Orange County


Besides Kelly, Braunwyn admitted that she is actually not speaking to anyone from the RHOC cast. “Right now, I’m not speaking to any of my cast. And, you get to see how that all happens. 2020 is the most transformative year of my life,” she added. “I let the cameras into some really real, raw moments. You come on a journey for me that I think is going to help a lot of people. When you start changing sometimes, not everyone is comfortable with [it].” Braunwyn sure has been through quite a bit since the fans last saw her last season. She has recently gone through some ups and downs with her husband Sean and her family. It was rumored that she and Sean might be separated, but the RHOC couple took a recent trip to Puerto Rico, which seemed to shut down those rumors. Braunwyn’s daughter even posted to Instagram with a caption that read, “F**k. You. Mom“. However, it seems as though the family is now back on track and doing much better.

The women of RHOC may not be happy with the way Braunwyn Windham-Burke lives her life, but it is not their business to tell her how to live. Hopefully, the women will come around and be more accepting of her.

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Sources: Digital Spy

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