Darcey Silva Slams Jesse Meester for Claiming He Was Her Sugar Daddy

Darcey Silva ex-boyfriend and 90 Day Fiancé co-star Jesse Meester had claimed he’d given her a credit card. The Darcey & Stacey star has a reply!

This Silva sister is her own sugar daddy! 90 Day Fiancé fame Darcey Silva and her history and heartbreaks seem to never let her rest easy. In May, the Darcey & Stacey star’s ex Jesse Meester had accused her of manipulation. But while Darcey claimed to have spent a couple of thousand dollars herself on Tom Brooks, Jesse accused the TLC celeb of using his credit card! Darcey has finally spoken out the truth in a new interview.

Just hours after 45-year-old Darcey confirming that she was filming for her new 90 Day Fiancé spin-off Darcey & Stacey, her ex-boyfriend had plastered a new accusation on her. The new show promised an up and close look at the Silva twins’ dramatic lives but Jesse added a dash more of it with his allegations. The 90 Day Fiancé alum said something on the lines of, “She only had to use, abuse, and manipulate 5 guys to what she wanted all along from the network. Ethics, TLC?” as per The Blast Jesse, 27, took a few more jabs at his Darcey & Stacey ex by adding that Darcey “still” owed him money and that with her new reality TV show, she could finally pay him back. “Been a sugar daddy for her far too long so she could get help,” accused the Dutch model. While Darcey chose to ignore her ex’s claims, she only spoke about how happy and blessed she was to start life anew with her twin Stacey and their families. But now, it looks like the Darcey & Stacey celeb had has enough of Jesse and his tall claims!

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The House of Eleven entrepreneur sisters paid a visit to The Sarah Fraser Show to promote the TLC spin-off series and dropped some much-awaited truth bombs. When the podcast host asked Darcey about her owing “you know who” some money, she replied instantly, “Oh, hell no!” Darcey continued, “We drove to Florida, we went through DC, all the states to get to Florida with my daughters for Christmas, the year before breaking up,” about the Disney World vacation they’d taken in 2017. The 90 Day Fiancé fan-favorite shared, “Yeah, we stayed with our uncle. I don’t know what he’s talking about,” before adding, “I have plenty of money Jesse, I don’t need your little chump change.” When the show’s host mentioned that with Darcey and Stacey being so successful, “where do these guys come off thinking that you owe them money,” Darcey sassily replied, “I don’t f**king owe him jacka** s**t for sure.”

Darcey mentioned that Jesse could be wanting to still talk about her since “he seems insecure. It’s sad that people have to be like that. I know who I am as a person, as a mom, and what I want in a relationship and I definitely don’t ever want to be with someone like that again. It’s unfortunate that he still has to talk about me.” Darcey concluded that his story, however, remains a part of her journey and that she wasn’t there to bash anybody. “I wish everybody well. Just keep me out of your mind,” said Darcey.

The Darcey & Stacey star seems to have finally found a new love who gives her butterflies in her belly. Georgi Rusev, 33, ticks all the right boxes in Darcey’s list – he’s young, foreign, and chases her for who she is. The new love interest who was just introduced on the TLC show has fans wishing he’s “the one.” As long as Georgi too, doesn’t join the Darcey & Stacey bitter ex-boyfriend club, it’s all good, right?

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Darcey & Stacey airs on Sundays at 10pm EST on TLC.

Source: The BlastThe Sarah Fraser Show


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