DC’s Future Justice League is Greater Than Our Own

The new Justice League of the DC Comics Future State Event is even greater than the one readers know.

Warning! Spoilers for Future StateJustice League #1 below.

DC’s Future State event is in full swing and with it comes a brand new Justice League team ready to take the universe by storm. However, while one might expect the newest team to be inexperienced and weaker than the original Justice League, it turns out they’re actually one of the great versions of the team ever assembled.

DC Comics has just launched its Future State event, which takes place following the universe-changing end of Dark Nights: Death Metal. Set in DC’s future, there is newer version of iconic characters, such as a new Superman (Jon Kent), a new Flash (Jess Chambers), a new Aquaman (Andy Curry), a new Green Lantern (Jo Mullein from Far Sector), and a new Batman (Tim Fox). Early previews suggest an impostor on the team, and that their identities are somehow kept from another.

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In brand new previews published today on, the new Justice League is seen in action, as it’s revealed they first came together to fight Darkseid and have battled together in multiple “crisis after crisis,” and have achieved numerous victories both together and alone. Individually, the group’s achievements are impressive. Superman stepped in when needed, Wonder Woman wants to bring peace to the Gods, Batman is said to have saved Gotham, Green Lantern united the Corps to save Oa, the Flash came to warn the world of a great conspiracy only to stick around and help, and Aquawoman helped united multiple worlds at a great cost.



Check out the previews below, which showcase the Justice League – beloved all over the world for their heroism – in action.


This version of the Justice League is firing on all cylinders and is seen as a great team because of their past success. With such strong heroes on their roster, they’re clearly not afraid to face any threat that comes their way – stopping multiple crises and universe-ending threats definitely put them in good company as one of the best Justice League team’s ever. It’s even more impressive considering this isn’t a large-scale league like there has been in the past, as the core members, despite seemingly not being super interested in having friendships with one another outside of superhero duties, are enough by themselves. It will be fascinating to see how the Legion of Doom plans to fight the Justice League now, because they seem to be huge underdogs as the supergroup has arguably never been better. Future State: Justice League by Joshua Williamson, Ram. V, Marcio Takara, Robson Rocha, and Daniel Henriques is in stores on January 12.

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