Deavan Tells Everyone to Stop Judging Her Daughter

90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way’s Deavan Clegg tells everyone to stop judging her young daughter, Drascilla since the show is fake and scripted.

Deavan Clegg from 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way’s decided to tell everyone to stop judging her daughter. The reality star raged against reality TV to let all her followers know it is fake and scripted.

Deavan has had a rough go of it the last month since she announced she would be separating from her husband, Jihoon Lee. The mother of two also has accused Jihoon and his parents of child abuse. She has yet to go into detail but claims she will be headed to court. The couple was not welcomed at the TLC reunion special since the ongoing issues are disconcerting. Fans have made it known that they feel she has moved on too quickly with her new Korean boyfriend, Topher Park.

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During a revealing Instagram story, Deavan tried to be witty by posting a long story regarding how the show is run. Without naming any names she pointed out to viewers in a scathing post that nothing on most reality TV shows are real. Check out the Instagram post below:



The Utah native started off by saying hello to everyone watching and then railed the network and its fans writing, “but you guys are aware that MOST reality tv shows are fake and either scripted or edited to match a storyline that storyboard teams out together before filming.” She also revealed what most fans already knew saying that during the cast interview producers will usually give the stars a script to read from and ask them to repeat word for word. She went on to say that the network “typecasts” who would usually be the villain and who they would make the “good guys.” Deavan has had an issue with her children being targeted and stated, “sadly they also use children for a storyline.” It was obvious to most followers that she was trying to be clever in telling fans to get a life and leave her children alone. Deavan did note that she felt fans were taking Jihoon’s side regarding the allegations. But she has yet to provide evidence to prove otherwise.

Fans are a bit confused as to why she was so angry since she signed up to be a part of the show and no one ever forced her. The Instagram model could have easily removed her children from filming, ending the issues. Fans also found her humorous in claiming she did not care about social media since this is how she currently is making her living.

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90 Day Fiance: The Other Way airs October 11 at 8pm EST on TLC.

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