Doc Martin Will End With Season 10

British comedy-drama series Doc Martin starring Martin Clunes will end with season 10. The show will draw to a close after running for 17 years.

Doc Martin season 10 will be the show’s last. The medical comedy-drama focused on the life of Dr. Martin Ellingham, a character that was loosely spun-off from Clunes’ role in the award-winning 2000 film Saving Grace. The show featured Martin as a successful cardiovascular surgeon who, after developing haemophobia, moves to a quaint Cornish town as its only General Practitioner. Martin assumes an emotionless and deadpan disposition that irks his townmates, but they gradually warm up to the grumpy doctor as they witness his diligence to his profession.

As confirmed by Clunes and his wife, producer Philippa Braithwaite, in their conversation with Deadline, ITV has picked up Doc Martin for a final season 10. Clunes suggests that the show will film in early 2021 and will air later in the same year. The husband-wife duo also stated that they’ve been overwhelmed by fans’ endearment over the years, and the show’s success at the ratings game has also been thrilling. But, in the words of Clunes, “after sixteen years, the time has come to say goodbye to Portwenn” and to draw the series to a close.

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Doc Martin season 9 had ended with a cliffhanger, which worried fans that they’d not get closure if the series gets canceled. It is, hence, relieving to know that the show will return to tell a final tale before bidding goodbye. And this gives the creative team an opportunity to end the series on their own terms. Doc Martin has always been a highly-watched show, but its viewership decreased in recent years. There have also been several shakeups in the main cast lately. Thus, it’s arguably better if the show ends now before it becomes too stale.


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Source: Deadline

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