Elks take over Operation Santa Claus

EAST WILTON — Western Maine Community Action (WMCA) partnered with the Farmington Elks last year so they could learn how the program is administered.  This year, after 48 years of providing Operation Santa Claus in Greater Franklin County, WMCA is handing over the operation of the program to The Farmington Elks.  WMCA will remain a support system for the Elks as the program goes forward.  Applications can still be obtained at WMCA but must be returned to the Elks.  Their address will be on the application.

WMCA, then Franklin County Community Action Council, started the program in partnership with WKTJ, the local radio station, for the Christmas of 1972.  The object was to make sure every child was able to have a gift of their choosing under their Christmas tree on Christmas morning.  The program has attempted to provide those gifts for 48 years.  The Elks are going to carry on with this mission with their youth program.  With the help of local businesses and individuals, WMCA and the Elks are hoping that Operation Santa Claus can continue to meet the needs and wishes of the children of Greater Franklin County.

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