Emma Stone & 9 Other Stars We Want To Return For A Revival

Fans are still hoping for a revival of Malcolm in the Middle, and the return of guest stars like Emma Stone could really help sell the idea.

Though it was not one of the biggest shows on television, Malcolm in the Middle is still a beloved series with many devoted fans. The show followed Malcolm (Frankie Muniz) a very intelligent young man who struggles with his dysfunctional family members who don’t exactly share his intellect.

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The show ended after seven seasons, but there have been rumblings of some sort of continuation in the future. Bryan Cranston, who played the lovable and goofy father, Hal, expressed his willingness to return. And with so many great guest stars the show had over the years, we hope some more familiar faces will be returning.

10 Cloris Leachman

Cloris Leachman Malcolm in the Middle

Cloris Leachman is an icon of film and television. She has a long and impressive career going back decades. She is also incredibly versatile with dramatic roles in films like The Last Picture Show and hilarious comedic roles, like in Young Frankenstein.

Leachman was a standout guest star on the series and appeared in more than a dozen episodes as Ida Walker, the conniving mother of Lois (Jane Kaczmarek). Whenever Leachman appeared on the show, it elevated everything and it would feel like a cheat not to include her in a revival.

9 Christopher Lloyd


Along with Lois’ mother being a fun character on the series, Hal’s father turned up played by another screen legend. Christopher Lloyd lent his great comedic abilities to the role of Walter, the head of the Wilkerson family.

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It becomes quite clear where Hal gets his goofy demeanor from as Walter is more interested in tickle fights and funny faces then meaningful conversations. Though Walter was meant to have died in the final season, perhaps there is some way to bring Lloyd back.

8 Andy Richter


Andy Richter is probably best known as Conan O’Brien’s longtime sidekick on his various talk shows, but he has a solid acting career in his own right. Richter appeared in one episode of the series as a family therapist attempting the resolve the issues between Malcolm and his brothers.

Even with any revival taking place years later, this family would still have a lot of issues to work out. It might be fun to see Richter’s therapist character return for another attempt at healing this wild group of people.

7 Jason Alexander

Jason Alexander in Seinfeld

Shortly after his iconic run as George Costanza on Seinfeld ended, Jason Alexander made a memorable guest-starring role on this beloved sitcom. Alexander plays a homeless man Malcolm meets in the park playing chess. After spending some time with the man, Malcolm begins to see the man is Malcolm decades in the future.

The revival would take place at a time when Malcolm would have almost caught up to the age of his supposed future self. To see him run into his again and revisit the idea of what path his life might take would be a great idea.

6 Tania Raymonde

Tania Raymonde as Alex in Lost

Tania Raymonde might not be a household name, but she has appeared in a number of high-profile projects over the years. She is probably best known as Alex, the daughter of Ben Linus on Lost, and she can currently be seen in the legal drama Goliath.

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Raymonde had a significant guest-starring role throughout the series as Cynthia, a fellow gifted student at Malcolm’s school. The two have great chemistry which strikes a balance between friendship and possible romance. It would be nice to see where they ended up in the future.

5 Betty White


Few actors are as beloved as Betty White. She has so many iconic roles to her name and she is still working as hard as ever, even after all these years. White brought her legendary status to the series as the secret second wife of Lois’ father.

When Lois’ mother shows up to confront the other woman, we get the hilarious face-off between Leachman and White. It would be thrilling to see them go a second round in the revival.

4 Dakota Fanning


From a very young age, Dakota Fanning quickly proved herself to be a remarkable talent. One of her very first roles ever was a small appearance in a Season 2 episode as the young daughter of some new neighbors who move in.

Though she looks like an adorable little, she proves to be quite animalistic and starts biting Reese without mercy. It could be fun to see Fanning return to the role and see if she still has those cannibal-like instincts.

3 Emma Stone

Emma Stone In Malcolm In The Middle Lois Strikes Back S7E16

These days Emma Stone is one of the biggest stars in Hollywood and an Oscar-winner, but before she found fame, she had a memorable role as a mean girl in a Season 7 episode of the series. Stone plays the leader of a group of popular girls who target Reese for humiliation.

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Stone becomes a target herself when Lois decides to get some revenge on Reese’s behalf. Though she is a big star now, we’d like to see if this mean girl is still reeling from Lois’ torment.

2 Hayden Panettiere


A few years before she was cast in the role of Claire on NBC’s Heroes, Hayden Panettiere played the role of Jessica, a manipulative neighbor and classmate of the boys. Despite being the same age as the brothers, Jessica is hired as their babysitter as she has unique control over them.

Jessica was always a fun foil for the boys and Panettiere was hilarious in the role. She would be a great character to bring back and continue to mess with the brothers for her own amusement.

1 Susan Sarandon


Oscar-winner Susan Sarandon has delivered many famous performances throughout her career in films like Thelma and Louise and Bull Durham. She got the chance to really embrace her comedic side playing Meg in the episode “Company Picnic.”

Meg is a chatterbox who Lois meets while at a company picnic for Hal’s work. Lois quickly becomes annoyed with Meg’s constant talking which pits the two against each other. It’s fun to see someone go toe-to-toe with Lois and we’d love to see Sarandon bring some more of that for the revival.

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