Everything To Know About Jalen Noble

Jalen Noble is a chiseled, tanned bachelor ready to steal your girl, or at least one of the girls from Love Island season 2. Will their heads turn?

Fans of Love Island USA should buckle their seatbelts because the season’s latest twist is bound to take the islanders on a wild, dangerous ride. It’s a few weeks into the season and the islanders are either in happy, healthy pairings or anxiously waiting for the next single to walk through the door. Tonight, the latter group can finally relax as a favorite Love Island twist will bring them plenty of eye-candy to potentially couple up with. This week, Casa Amor will take the villa by storm and, if it goes like it usually does, some couples will be broken and left in the wreckage.

Casa Amor is the ultimate relationship test of the season, where the original islanders are separated from their partners and tempted with a slew of flirty singles looking for a connection. Unbeknownst to the women, the show sends the men away to a second villa where five lovely ladies await them. An equal amount of toned and tanned men keep the now-lonely women company. After bonding through steamy games and intimate conversations for a couple of days, the original islanders reconvene at the main villa and either couple with a Casa Amor visitor or their original partner.

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Former athlete Jalen Noble is one of the men hoping to win over the heart of an original islander. The 27-year-old bachelor hails from Nashville and works as an account executive in sales. During his youth, Jalen played football and earned a cornerback position at the Air Force Prep Academy after graduating from high school. With an enviable jawline and chiseled physique, the female islanders will have to fight against their turning heads. Take a look at Jalen in the photo below:

This season’s cast has been stocked with tall, dark, and handsome men, but newcomer Jalen could be the fittest to arrive in the villa so far. Physically, his appeal is similar to Johnny’s, who has been happily coupled with Cely since the top of the season. Although Cely and Johnny seem solid, unexpected things always happen when their partner is out of sight and out of mind.

Jalen’s tatted chest and dyed-blonde hair give him a bad boy look, but the clean-cut look of his Instagram hints that the ex-football player is more wholesome than he looks. In terms of type, he also checks all of Justine’s boxes, but only time will tell if the Love Island USA girls will risk their couples for a shot with this newcomer.

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