Galactus Has A Pregnant Teenage Daughter In The Marvel Comics

In Galacta: Daughter of Galactus #3, the teenage daughter of the giant villain Galactus, The Devourer of Worlds, learns she’s pregnant.

Marvel’s Galactus is also known by the alias Devourer of Worlds because in order to maintain his existence, he needs to consistently consume massive amounts of life energy. But what fans may not know is that his daughter – Galacta has a similar urge to devour and she eventually learns it’s partly because she’s pregnant.

Galacta is a chip off the old block as she is a powerful cosmic being who has the urge to devour all life on Earth and like her father she tries to be Earth’s greatest hero and not be seen as a villain. Which is why she shifts her urge from wanting to eat all life to just eating extraterrestrial viruses. But over time, the urge becomes too strong causing her to use her advanced detection gear to analyze her body and see if there is any specific reason as to why her urge is growing stronger. After discovering she has a cosmic tapeworm inside her, she calls her father for help. But seeing how time is not on her side, she is left with no choice but to take matters into her own hands in the comic Galacta: Daughter of Galactus #3.

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In Adam Warren, Hector Sevilla Lujan, and Simon Bowland’s comic Galacta visits the Fantastic Four to learn the location of the Ultimate Nullifier (a device that can erase anything) in the hopes that the device will allow her to eradicate the cosmic tapeworm from her body. After realizing her father is storing the Ultimate Nullifier in one of his Worldships – which is a ship the size of a solar system – she wormholes through space. When Galacta finally arrives on the Worldship, she grabs a hold of the Ultimate Nullifier and realizes she may not survive the surgery of eradicating the cosmic tapeworm from her body. But she’s willing to sacrifice herself in order to protect all life on Earth and to prevent herself from becoming a misunderstood villain. As Galacta holds the Ultimate Nullifier in her hands, she begins to cry out of pure fear of using the device and her father arrives just before she uses it.


Immediately after arriving, Galactus comforts his daughter and even begins to explain a weird fact about her body. But before explaining the strange fact, he feeds his daughter cosmic energy to help subside the urge to devour everything. Then, Galactus tells his daughter that she has been wrong in believing the cosmic tapeworm inside of her is in fact a tapeworm. He also tells her that the creature living inside of her is not some sort of bacteria or virus either, it’s the smallest form of a cosmic being and she was once a similar creature dwelling inside of him – which can only mean one thing… Galactus’ teenage daughter is pregnant.

Although she has more control over herself than her father, Galacta still has the urge to devour all life. But she is also similar to Galactus in how she possesses humanity. Unlike Galactus, she’s pregnant in her own cosmic way – a storyline that never resolved. Who knows? There could be a third-generation Devourer of Worlds out in the Marvel Universe somewhere.

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