Ghost Of Tsushima Player Takes Photo Mode To Entirely New Level

Recent Ghost of Tsushima screenshots may be the best images ever to come out of the excellent photo mode for Sucker Punch’s samurai epic.

An EA DICE screenshot artist recently debuted a gorgeous series of Ghost of Tsushima screenshots, which show the game in various shades of intense, contemplative, delightful, and everything in between. Sucker Punch Productions’s new IP launched almost two months ago and, while some reviews were mixed on elements of the game itself, almost everyone raved over the high quality of its photo mode. The mode’s many tools and features enabled players to get that perfect shot, but the breathtaking landscapes and stoic protagonist of the game really shine in the hands of a photo mode professional.

Professional or not, a lot of players took the opportunity to dive headfirst into the game’s photo mode. Ghost of Tsushima sold extremely well, with the first-party PlayStation exclusive breaking sales records in Japan, beating out the previous best-seller, Insomniac’s Spider-Man. This record-breaking trend continued as the game became the PlayStation 4’s fastest selling first-party original IP debut. Ghost of Tsushima reportedly sold over 2.4 million units worldwide only a few days after its release. With these large sales numbers also came large numbers of players who were able to check out the photo mode for themselves. Fans took approximately 15.5 million photos in Ghost of Tsushima in the game’s first 10 days alone.

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Though that means there is a lot of competition for the greatest picture taken in Ghost of Tsushima’s photo mode, the images recently posted to Twitter by Petri Levälahti may deserve the title. It is possibly a little unfair to compare an average fan’s photo mode images with the pictures of someone who, as he explains on his website, works with EA DICE as a screenshot capture artist, but the scenes are simply stunning.

Ghost of Tsushima was released as a single-player title, but its developer recently announced that the game will be receiving a free multiplayer mode. The DLC, called Ghost of Tsushima: Legends, is a cooperative online experience that will allow players to join up with three friends as the legendary warriors Jin has heard about in his travels across the island. Sucker Punch has also been clear about the fact that Legends, despite being a free update for anyone who owns the game already, will not have any microtransactions.

Photo modes are certainly becoming a more common trend in games, but typically it is a feature that players either try once before moving on or just ignore altogether. Ghost of Tsushima’s photo mode really pulled away from the pack and became much more than a marketing bullet point. Some of this is clearly owing to the way the mode cleverly takes advantage of the game’s impressive particle technology, but its popularity might also have a lot to do with Ghost of Tsushima’s overall exquisite art direction. Whatever the reason, it is fantastic to stumble on stunning images like this months after the title’s release.

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Ghost of Tsushima is available on PlayStation 4.

Source: Petri Levälahti/Twitter


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