GTA Online Thruster Jetpack Stunt Goes Hilariously Wrong

Grand Theft Auto Online continues to provide viral video fun with a new clip showing a player abandoning their jetpack only to be reunited.

The latest viral video to spawn from the world of Grand Theft Auto Online shows one player paying the consequences of leaving their jetpack behind. Starting mostly as a way to cause open-world havoc, Grand Theft Auto Online is now full of players looking to test the limits of the seven-year-old simulation, which they’ve done by driving large vehicles down impossibly long ramps and racing through the skies at blisteringly fast speeds. A precursor to “metaverse” games like Fortnite, players continue to live inside Rockstar’s city for reasons far beyond what the developers programmed in initially.

In that way, Grand Theft Auto V‘s online mode was ahead of its time. Upon its release in 2013, many multiplayer modes were variants on old tropes like deathmatch. Day Z, the game that spawned the battle royale concept that would eventually produce Fortnite, was released mere months after Rockstar’s magnum opus. The Xbox One and PlayStation 4 were just hitting the market and players were discovering games like Bioshock Infinite and The Last of UsGTA Online has remained relevant all this time, seeming to predict the trend of live service games functioning as virtual hangouts.

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Reddit user OGxGURU perfectly captures GTA Online‘s continuing ability to cause chaos with a gif-worthy landing. Starting off riding a thruster pack through the air, their player avatar bails out and parachutes safely to the ground while uttering a loud dose of profanity. After what is assuredly a sigh of relief, a quick glance at the sky reveals the rocket pack hurtling toward the player at comical speeds. The end result is a fiery explosion as the player’s avatar tumbles down a nearby hill as the roar of the engines burns away.

Until Rockstar decides that it’s time for Grand Theft Auto 6, players will have plenty of moments like this to come from Grand Theft Auto Online. The game continues to sell in 2020, putting down stakes in the top sellers list and refusing to move. The inclusion of this endless online mode has cemented Grand Theft Auto V as a favorite video game for millions of players, to the exclusion of all other releases. Rockstar has rewarded such loyalty with years of updates, forgoing the traditional single-player DLC content for perpetual multiplayer expansions.

The joy of moments like OGxGURU’s fiery crash in Grand Theft Auto Online comes from their open-world unpredictability. Games of this nature often feature layers of systems that work in tandem to produce unexpected results, from AI companions driving Warthogs off cliffs in Halo or a computer-controlled Hulk rampaging alone during any round of Marvel’s Avengers. With the imminent arrival of new consoles, perhaps open worlds will become even more complex, leading to more believable simulations – or just more opportunities for the unexpected.

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GTA Online is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: OGxGURU/Reddit


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