Looking Back on Oct. 20

100 Years Ago: 1920

The regular meeting of Lake View Grange, Auburn, was held Saturday night with 60 members present. DurIng the evening the following program was furnished: Song by the grange, “State of Maine”; poem, Mrs. George Pitman; question, “He  resolved that people have more comfort and enjoy life better today than they did 100 yours ago.” Opened in affirmative by B. H. Libby, and for the negative by C. M. Burbank, and discussed by members.

50 Years Ago: 1970

Each year young soldiers on duty in Vietnam have been remembered at Christmas by the Lewiston-Auburn Chapter of the American Red Cross. This month 350 ditty bags have been sewn, filled with small gift items and mailed in plenty of time to reach the men in time for the holiday. Each includes articles like playing cards, candy, wet knaps, plastic bags, and diaries. Mrs. John Aliberti, production chairman cut out the colorful bags and  sewed many of them, assisted by a group of senior citizens. The other packers  getting the gift bags ready for shipping are Mrs. Frances Dee. Mrs. Philip Morlock, Mrs. Theresa Hussey, Mrs. Doris Fournier, and Gloria Pelletier.

25 Years Ago: 1995

Barbara Randal and Marilyn Wilkinson will present a program on “The Knight House” at the Woman’s Literary Union Garden Club meeting at 2 p.m. Thursday at 19 Elm St. The meeting will include making plans for those attending the Garden Club Federation of Maine Fall Conference Oct. 24 at the Augusta Civic Center. Randall and Wilkinson will provide a tour of the historic Knight House built in 1796.

The material used in Looking Back is reproduced exactly as it originally appeared, although misspellings and errors may be corrected.

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