Melody Of Memory Only Switch Game Planned For Series

Square Enix has no plans to bring any future Kingdom Hearts games to the Nintendo Switch, citing difficulty in porting pre-existing games.

Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory is probably going to be the only game in the vast Kingdom Hearts franchise to appear on Nintendo Switch. Melody of Memory is a rhythm game that serves as a spinoff of the main action RPG series. It was revealed during a Nintendo Direct partner showcase last month and is set to release in November.

If the Kingdom Hearts franchise is known for anything, it’s for its sprawling, overly complicated storyline. The convoluted nature of Kingdom Hearts‘ plot has ended up as the butt of countless jokes across the internet, and, to the surprise of no one who’s at all familiar with the franchise, this plot even extends into the spinoff rhythm game. Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory picks up where Kingdom Hearts 3 left off and focuses on Kairi. In addition to being the continuation of a story that spans almost twenty years, Melody of Memory is also the first time a game from the Kingdom Hearts series has appeared on the Nintendo Switch.

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But Nintendo fans shouldn’t get too used to the idea of enjoying the Kingdom Hearts experience on Nintendo Switch. In a recent interview with Nintendo Enthusiast, franchise director and character designer Tetsuya Nomura revealed that there are currently no plans to feature any other Kingdom Hearts games on the console. This likely applies to ports and remasters of older games in the franchise as well as future games, be they main series titles or spinoffs like Melody of Memory. There’s a silver lining, though; in the same interview, he called the Switch an appealing piece of hardware and told Nintendo Enthusiast that he would like to do more with it. He also expressed the possibility that games he’s worked on that aren’t part of the Kingdom Hearts franchise might come to Switch in the future.

Kairi in Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory

Nothing’s been confirmed yet for Nomura’s future with the Nintendo Switch. All of his statements were vague enough to be contradicted later. It might even be possible that more Kingdom Hearts games could appear on the Switch after all, though Nomura does say that the company found difficulty trying to port pre-existing games onto the console in the past. If Nomura is indeed suggesting that some of his older games might appear on the Switch, though, that would be big news. Even outside of Kingdom Hearts, he’s had a very prolific career, most significantly on the Final Fantasy franchise.

There are sure to be a lot of Kingdom Hearts fans who are disappointed by the news that more games probably won’t be coming to the Switch. But one never knows for sure what the future holds, and the franchise has certainly gone in unexpected directions before. Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory looks like a fun little rhythm game for fans of the franchise to sink their teeth into this November, and if it does prove to be the series’ only appearance on the Switch, then hopefully its brief, one-game legacy on the console will end on a high note.

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Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory arrives on Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One on November 11, 2020.

Source: Nintendo Enthusiast

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