Minecraft Comes To PSVR With Full Support This Month

Minecraft will get full PSVR support this month with a launch ‘very soon,’ and it will give players even more options for the popular game.

A PlayStation blog announcement made today revealed that Minecraft is coming to PSVR with full support later this month, finally fulfilling one of the most highly-requested features among a certain section of the game’s fanbase on PlayStation 4. Minecraft has already been optimized for VR on other platforms, but synergizing the title with PSVR has been a consistent point of interest for fans who adopted the Sony technology and felt it would be a great fit – as has been proven with other VR ports – on the PlayStation 4’s own virtual reality offering.

While PSVR isn’t exactly a hot commodity in the PlayStation 4 community, it’s still relatively new tech when compared to more traditional console gaming, which has always meant it holds a lot of promise should a developer manage to figure out how best to use it. So far, it’s been titles like Beat Saber carrying the torch for virtual reality games, but with PlayStation 5 confirmed to support PSVR, Sony will no doubt be pursuing plans to make the technology more appealing to a broader consumer demographic. Games like Minecraft, which remains one of the most popular in the world years after its launch and continues to churn out increasingly more detailed and involved fan creations, seem perfect for VR and could be how that technology breaks into more mainstream usage in the future.

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For now, however, Minecraft is set to provide a major boost to PSVR appeal specifically. In a PlayStation blog announcement made earlier today, developer Mojang Studios revealed that there will be full Minecraft PSVR support launched for the title later this month, though no specific release date was provided. According to the post, the Minecraft PSVR version will provide consumers with “100% the same Minecraft game that you can play ever day…on PlayStation 4. Nothing removed.” That will no doubt be a big selling point for fans considering giving Minecraft on PSVR a try, since they won’t have to make any sacrifices to adopt the technology.

Minecraft RTX On

The post also revealed that Minecraft on PSVR was in the works for quite some time, and that players will use their DualShock 4 controller to move around while being immersed in the game world using the PlayStation 4 VR headset. While the post acknowledged that the pandemic has affected the Minecraft development process as a whole, it also took time to state that developing Minecraft PSVR was “relatively drama-free” and smooth, which should have fans excited for a strong adoption of PlayStation 4 VR tech.

Any time Minecraft does something, video game fans pay attention. Whether or not that’s enough to get consumers to give Minecraft PSVR a closer look remains to be seen, but more ways to play what is ostensibly one of the most important modern gaming titles is never a bad thing, and just how well the experience goes over with PS4 fans will be known later this month.

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Minecraft on PSVR releases later this month, September 2020, for PlayStation 4.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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