Mr. Robot Asks Fans to Vote on the Season 4 Episode That Angered Them the Most

Esmail Corp, one of the production companies behind Mr. Robot, opened a Twitter poll asking fans about their least favorite episode of season 4.

Esmail Corp has asked Mr. Robot fans to let them know which episode in season 4 made them the angriest. The television series, which premiered on USA Network in 2015, starred Rami Malek as Elliot Alderson, a computer programmer who is recruited to join a team of hackers known as “fsociety” by the mysterious Mr. Robot. The series concluded its 4-season run in December 2019.

The show was praised throughout its run for the unique storyline and gorgeous cinematography. Season 4 of Mr. Robot arrived on USA nearly two years after the season 3 finale, but critics praised it as being well worth the wait. The season followed Elliot after the events of the Five/Nine Hack, which was carried out by fsociety in an attempt to de-stabilize and redistribute American wealth.

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While Mr. Robot ended over six months ago, Esmail Corp, one of the production companies behind the critically acclaimed show, has asked fans on Twitter what their most hated Mr. Robot episode of season 4 was. The Twitter account jokingly captioned the poll with a reference to the holiday weekend, saying that since show creator Sam Esmail was forcing them to work through the long weekend, they wanted to see what Mr. Robot episode made fans “hate Sam the most. You can catch the cheeky tweet below:

Although the poll opened just a few hours ago, there are already over 2,000+ votes from interested fans. As of right now, it seems the second option – “ending of 404″  – is pulling ahead of the others, with 38.5% of respondents choosing this as the episode that made them angriest. Although the poll doesn’t go into specifics, the ending of episode 404 saw the death of Tyrell Wellick, who’d long served as the main antagonist of Mr. Robot throughout the earlier seasons. While Tyrell was nothing if not a volatile character, his death at the end of the episode remains as one of the strangest – yet, oddly, one of the most moving – parts of season 4.

While there is still a good amount of time before Esmail Corp’s poll closes, fans have continued to excitedly weigh in, particularly in the “replies” section. Perhaps this goes to show that while Mr. Robot ended in 2019, it has remained a beloved series that fans continue to talk about today. That being said, for any viewers that want a trip down memory lane, Esmail Corp’s Twitter is flooded with Mr. Robot memes, jokes, and retweets, all to help fans relive the world of Elliot Alderson with just the click of a button.

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Source: Esmail Corp/Twitter

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