Pagani Teases Hardcore Huayra R, Could It Have A Naturally Aspirated V12?


Pagani has teased a hardcore Huayra R that it will unveil on November 12.

Horacio Pagani confirmed the upcoming model in a video shared online to promote the Autostyle Design Competition that will include designers from various automakers including Maserati, Lamborghini and Ford. At the 37:04 mark of the video, Pagani briefly speaks about the Huayra R.

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According to the Pagani, the Huayra R will feature a “new aspirated engine made especially for this purpose”, which we presume means it will be naturally aspirated. That’s quite a revelation as all other Huayra variants feature an AMG-built, 6.0-liter twin-turbocharged V12. It is unclear how many cylinders the engine of the Huayra R will have, but if we were to bet, we’d say it too will be a V12.

No other details are provided about the model, but we are provided with a quick glimpse of a ‘Huayra R’ inscription on one of the car’s wheels.

Based on the name of the vehicle, it’s reasonable to presume it will act as a spiritual successor to the Zonda R. If that’s the case, the Huayra R will probably be limited to track use and feature a host of bold new aerodynamic parts, such as a custom rear wing and a massive rear diffuser. Like all Huayras, the body will be made from lightweight carbon fiber.


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