Paula Marcus-Platz: In good hands with Ned Claxton

Reelecting Ned Claxton as state senator is a smart choice for Maine.

During his first term as a senator, Claxton remained as steady and thorough as when he was a family-care physician. He cares deeply about the health and well-being of his constituents. He believes in working with his peers and he works hard to see results.

Among his accomplishments this term, he supported increasing state funding for schools in order to reduce city/town burdens; he helped to improve access to veteran benefits; he helped to increase and improve home care for the elderly; and he worked to reduce prescription drug costs while also seeking greater transparency in medical billing.

I hope others will join me in support of his efforts and vote for him In November.

Mainers are in good hands with Ned Claxton.

Paula Marcus-Platz, Auburn

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