PS5 Backward Compatibility With PS4 Games Less Complete Than Sony Promised

A new list of PlayStation 4 games incompatible with the PlayStation 5 has surfaced, casting more doubts on Sony’s backward compatibility efforts.

Hands-on testing with the PlayStation 5 by fans has revealed a handful of additional PlayStation 4 games that aren’t backwards compatible with the brand-new PlayStation 5. Sony’s console is more or less intended to be able to play the entire previous generation of PlayStation games, but the company’s implementation of backward compatibility is more scattershot than its Xbox Series X/S competition. Players can install the PS4 and PS5 versions of cross-gen games, but there’s no platform-level save transfer between them. Also, Sony previously confirmed that a small number of PS4 titles don’t work on the new hardware, but Sony’s careful language suggested that the list of compatible games wasn’t exhaustive, which seems to have been precisely the case.

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By comparison, the Xbox Series X runs every Xbox One game that doesn’t require the Kinect sensor, as well as around half of the Xbox 360 library and a strong collection of original Xbox titles. Both consoles claim to boost performance on older games, but Xbox’s technology has seen players marvel at the improvements to some of their favorites. Increased frame rates, slashed loading screens, and more comes for free for almost every backward compatible game, and the console also adds HDR support to hundreds of games created before the technology was even on the market. For now, Xbox’s massive supported library is one of its most enticing features, and the PlayStation 5 is just catching up in that regard.

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ThisGenGaming took the PlayStation 5 out for a spin with a massive library of PlayStation 4 titles and came up with six new titles that won’t load on the new machine. These include Pool NationTower of TimeThe Gardens BetweenPixelBOT Extreme!YIIK: A Postmodern RPG, and PSVR title Golem. ThisGenGaming also reports that the team behind PixelBOT EXTREME! were notified about the incompatibility and fixed the problem on their end. This suggests that many of these left-behind games could get PS5 support in the future if the developers are able to tweak the settings on their end.

For each of the titles that were discovered to not work, the PlayStation Store warns potential purchasers that the older PS4 is required to load them up. This suggests that Sony does have a rough idea of the full list of incompatible titles. As of now, the company’s official support page has not been updated for these new titles, but their store pages have the same warning as games previously known to be incompatible, like Joe’s Diner and Shadwen. The moral of the story is that it may be worth double-checking the PlayStation Store website before planning to load into a PS4 game, just in case its been left in the PS5’s dust.

For all its troubles, it’s still overall a new positive that PlayStation 5 owners can effortlessly play the vast majority of PlayStation 4 games on their new console. The video game industry is beyond the point where each new piece of hardware must be a brick wall preventing software purchases from going forward. Games need to live beyond a scant few years on the market in order to be preserved for future generations and to keep smaller studios in the industry longer. Even if a game doesn’t run perfectly on a new machine, it’s always better than abandoning it in the dustbin of history.

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The PlayStation 5 is available now.

Source: ThisGenGaming

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