PS5 Has Almost No Launch Exclusives After Destruction AllStars Delay

The PS5 has lost one of its few launch exclusives, as Destruction AllStars has been pushed back to 2021 to release directly on PlayStation Plus.

The PS5 barely has any launch exclusives left, as Sony has revealed that Destruction AllStars has been delayed to February and will be a PlayStation Plus freebie. Destruction AllStars is essentially Twisted Metal meets MTX, as it involves colorful characters battling each other in destruction derby-style events.

Sony hadn’t revealed much about Destruction AllStars, outside of a few brief trailers, but it had a lot of value as one of the PS5’s launch titles. Destruction AllStars was meant to be one of the few PS5 exclusives at launch, alongside the highly-anticipated Demon’s Souls, and Astro’s Playroom, which is a free game that is intended to show off the hardware of the system.

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The PS5 has lost another launch exclusive. An update on the official PlayStation Twitter page and a post on the PlayStation Blog has announced that Destruction AllStars has been delayed to February 2021. Fans won’t have to pay for Destruction AllStars at launch, as Sony is planning on giving it to PlayStation Plus subscribers in February and March 2021’s allotment of free games. Sony has promised to reveal new details about the game next week. People who have purchased Destruction AllStars will be refunded.

The loss of Destruction AllStars is removing another reason to buy the PS5 at launch. Sony shot itself in the foot by making Sackboy: A Big Adventure and Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales cross-gen releases. which means they are coming to the PS4 at launch. As it stands, Demon’s Souls is the game that is propping up the Ps5’s launch window, and there are doubts that the game will stay on Sony platforms. One of the trailers for Demon’s Souls claimed that it was coming to PC in the future. Sony refuted this claim, but the seeds of doubt have already been planted.

Sony never revealed much about Destruction AllStars, especially in comparison to the rest of the PS5 launch line-up, but it was still one of the few true exclusives at launch. The reasons for buying a PS5 at launch are growing smaller by the day. Then again, the dreadful pre-order situation involving the PS5 that is still on-going means that people probably won’t be able to buy one at launch anyway, so the delays may as well continue unabated.

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The PS5 will be available in select countries on November 12, 2020 and globally on November 19. Destruction AllStars will be available on PlayStation Plus in February 2021.

Source: PlayStation/Twitter, PlayStation Blog

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