Reunion? How Long Has It Been Delayed?

Friends Reunion. The HBO Max has organized a special reunion show for the cast of Friends with a live audience that was supposed to be performed in the middle of the month of March. But, as we all know that during the Corona Virus outbreak it won’t be possible with a large no. of fans in a live show.

The most wanted and loved show Friends reunion has been delayed before its set up till May but as per the conditions the show gonna take more time. All the main cast of Friends named Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry, and David Schwimmer were singed by HBO Max with $2.5 million each to perform a live unscripted performance in front of a live audience to celebrate the most loved show Friends reunion.

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Not only the launch of HBOMax but also the whole Hollywood production industry got affected by the Corona Virus outbreak.

Friends Reunion: When It Can Happen?

As the fans were waiting for this special reunion but got disappointment and not only the fans but the star cast of the Friends also represented their hopes with the performance.

Jennifer Aniston said in an interview that it’s sad but this isn’t a safe time to continue with the plan with live audiences. In May, Bob Greenblatt, Former WarnerMedia chief, said that like all the other plans Friends Reunion is also been holding out in the pandemic.

He added that at first, we thought that it’s just going for a month and two not more, but now, he thinks that its gonna be longer than they thought.

Jennifer said that it’s going to happen as they are not going anywhere and the fans won’t get rid of the Friends and she added a sorry with her statement at last.

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