Ruth Feeney: We need Collins in the Senate

In discussion with my dentist in late May regarding the non-essential status of dentistry in Maine, Susan Collin’s involvement in the resolution was mentioned. My dentist had delayed 90-plus emergencies.

In the words of Susan Collins to the Maine Dental Association, “Dentists tell me that cavities that could have been filled are now going to need root canals. Teeth that could have been treated with root canals are now going to require extractions.  People with oral cancers cannot get the treatment, the cleanings, that they need before beginning their treatment.”

The dentist affirmed that, without support from Sen. Collins as the moving force, the job was not getting done. The Maine Dental Association thanked Susan Collins for her leadership.

It seems there was nothing to prohibit getting dentistry re-opened safely.

We need to send Susan Collins back to the Senate.

Ruth Feeney, Woodstock

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