Sequel Of The Movie Is In Talks? Details Inside

Are you thinking of TENET Part 2 to be the shadow of Inception? Well, answering to this fact, we cannot end to anything as creativity can change everything in its desirable form.

Exactly ten years ago, Christopher Nolan’s most creative project in the form of Inception movie came into the light. While writing this, still, I am experiencing the thriller scenes of the movie, Inception that has captivated everyone around the universe.

Tenet has released on the 26th of August 2020 and is now trending for its themes and getting up in rumors for the revival of film.

You may not be able to watch Tenet, but you can stream the score and it  slaps - The Verge
Source: The Verge

Is the TENET 2 linked with Inception?

Well, there had been many rumors spreading their tentacles all over the world, still, we seem left out with this puzzle. Many theories completely depict that the TENET’S Sequel is going to be based on Inception. So let’s see some of them :

1) As the Inception was lead by John David Washington and sculptured by Christopher Nolan, so one can assume the TENET’S Sequel to be a version of Inception.

2) Again, the basic theme of both the movies serves to be the same that is both of them seemed to be based over the time domain.
Both of them are noticed to have the time reversing context in the scenes.

3) The same type of relations, plots, and casts are seen to be acting for TENET’S Sequel.

Does that mean the film, TENET 2 is a self-made?

There are many series and movies that are based on some previous series or movie plots but they don’t come out to be the Sequels of those shows. So if the TENET 2 is based on Inception, then also we can be happy to see lots of creative plots for this movie.

Also if the movie, Tenet 2 serves to be self-made then it can be seen with the same interest as that for Inception, after all both the movies are created by the same creative hands.

So don’t forget to read the upcoming updates regarding your favorite movie, TENET 2.
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