Suicide Squad’s End of Watch Easter Egg Reveals Where Joker Got His AK-47

Suicide Squad contains an Easter egg call-back to director David Ayer’s movie End of Watch, which reveals where Joker got his gold AK-47.

An Easter egg in Suicide Squad reveals where Joker got his gold-plated AK-47, seemingly linking the movie with director David Ayer’s previous film End of Watch. Following an awe-inspiring trailer that got fans hyped for a truly innovative take on the superhero movie, 2016’s Suicide Squad was highly-anticipated. Unfortunately, David Ayer’s 2016 effort will be remembered more for being a colossal let-down, despite performing well at the box office – much of which was down to changes made by Warner Bros. during Suicide Squad‘s reshoots.

Now it seems DC is looking to redeem itself with the James Gunn-helmed Suicide Squad 2, set to arrive in 2021. Fans will find out more about that project at the upcoming DC FanDome, but for the time being, Suicide Squad remains the only on-screen depiction of the infamous group of anti-heroes. And while the movie disappointed audiences it certainly isn’t without its supporters, who since its release have pointed out David Ayer’s attention to detail and appreciation for DC history. The director peppered numerous Easter eggs and secret details throughout Suicide Squad, from story beats taken directly from the comic books to references to numerous DC heroes.

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But one of the more arcane easter eggs doesn’t actually refer to the DC universe at all. In fact, Ayer took the opportunity to insert a callback to his 2012 cop drama End of Watch. During one explosive scene in Suicide Squad Leto’s Joker descends upon Task Force X in a helicopter before opening fire with a gold-plated Norinco Type 56-1 – a Chinese-produced version of the AK-47. What many fans may have missed is that the gun looks identical to one confiscated by Michael Peña’s officer Mike Zavala during a traffic stop in End of Watch. Ayer seemingly confirmed the link on Twitter when it was pointed out by a fan.

The Joker of Suicide Squad certainly has more of a passion for ostentatious weaponry than any other on-screen incarnation of Joker. In one memorable scene he’s seen laying in his lair surrounded by an impressive array of meticulously arranged weaponry. That makes his use of what Officer Zavala refers to as “Liberace’s AK” in End of Watch all the more realistic. Whether the prop itself is the exact one used in the 2012 movie hasn’t been confirmed, but it certainly looks like it could be, with the same ivory grip appearing on both versions of the weapon.

The gun was reportedly inspired by real weapons belonging to Mexican cartel members, specifically Mexican ‘gang boss’ Ramiro Pozos Gonzalez, who infamously posed in front of his golden AK-47 following his arrest in 2012. Ayer himself has previously talked about this influence on his version of Joker, saying he wanted the character to have “some kind of history and footprint in our world” and that he took inspiration from “drug lords on Instagram.” The director, who was seemingly interested in grounding the villain much like Todd Phillips with Joker, has also referred to Joker as a “modern-day gangster” and ensured the clown prince of crime wielded a purple, jewel-encrusted handgun reminiscent of other flashy cartel bosses’ firearms.

It does seem unlikely that Ayer intended the AK-47 to mean Suicide Squad takes place in the same universe as End of Watch, considering the latter is a grounded documentary-style drama that relies on the cold realities of LA street crime for its dramatic appeal, while the former is a fantastical action thriller that features an actual witch as its main antagonist. But it’s certainly an interesting Easter egg that highlights Ayer’s attention to detail and hints at how the director took his job as director seriously enough to insert call-backs to his previous work. It also serves as another reminder that Ayer’s vision for the film was a lot different to the theatrical version, and that perhaps the world needs a Suicide Squad Ayer cut, á la the Justice League Snyder Cut that’s set to hit HBO Max in 2021.

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