The 10 Best Characters From DC Universe’s Harley Quinn Series

When the DC Universe streaming service was announced, many fans were wondering what kind of original content would be created for it. There were some solid hits like Titans and Doom Patrol, as well as a disappointing entry or two, like the quickly-canceled Swamp Thing, one show stood out above the rest.

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That would be the animated Harley Quinn series. This adult-themed cartoon held nothing back, delivering violence and humor in spades. However, the best thing about it is the unique take on this set of characters. They may be familiar from the comics but they were brought to the screen in fun and creative ways. In some cases, they were the best versions of these heroes and villains ever put out.

10 Sy Borgman


This is one that totally came from out of nowhere. There aren’t many people who would’ve expected Sy Borgman to be such a great character on Harley Quinn. He first arrives as Poison Ivy’s wheelchair-bound landlord who wanted her out due to having too many pets.

He surprisingly became a key supporting character. He usually slept through missions but his past as a government agent gave him experience and his robotic limbs came in handy quite often. Borgman got an emotional episode regarding his sister and his sacrifice in season two came off well. Plus, he plays a huge part in Harley’s crew ultimately defeating Doctor Psycho.

9 Doctor Psycho


Speaking of Doctor Psycho, he was one of the most interesting characters on the show. He originally joined Harley’s crew after nobody wanted a part of him due to an offensive term he used against Wonder Woman. It was a last resort kind of situation.

Psycho had a few nice moments, particularly an interaction with his son in one episode. Psycho eventually turned on Harley once he found that she didn’t want to take over the world. It made him the main antagonist by the end of season two. He’s not likable but he was a consistently written character.

8 Commissioner Gordon


In the case of some characters being written in a unique fashion for the show, look no further than Commission James Gordon. He is obsessed with gaining the approval and friendship of Batman, to no avail. He’s also the most flawed person on the show to not be a villain.

Gordon has problems with his hero complex and has trouble letting go of things he’s honed in on. He even admits that it’s a flaw of his. His bond with Clayface’s severed hand in “You’re a Damn Good Cop, Jim Gordon” was one of the highlights of season one. Ultimately, Gordon means wells.

7 Bane


The funniest supporting character in the entire series has to be Bane. That’s because the show has him talk with the accent famously used by Tom Hardy in 2012’s The Dark Knight Rises. That voice, combined with a lot of Bane’s personality quirks, made him lovable.

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Despite his massive size and strength, Bane is often picked on by other villains. Joker ate his food at the bar mitzvah, while Two-Face downplayed his status in their partnership. Some of the most hilarious moments are due to Bane being so lovable. They give you just enough of him to not get old.

6 Clayface


Like Sy Borgman and Doctor Psycho, Clayface is a member of Harley Quinn’s crew. This was a brilliant move by the show because he’s one of the less-heralded Batman villains but could also deliver the funny moments with the best of them.

That’s because Clayface’s greatest desire is to be an actor. His need to come up with complete backstories for anyone he played was always a treat. It was especially funny when, under Psycho’s mind control, he became a huge monster and Harley questioned why he opted to turn into random humans on missions instead.

5 Joker


The talented Alan Tudyk voices both Clayface and Joker (among others) and he brings the chaotic nature needed for the latter. He plays a huge role in the first season as Harley’s entire story is connected to trying to become her own person away from her ex-boyfriend.

Joker, like a lot of characters, is used quite well. He’s not overdone and he’s a key part of some tremendous scenes. Watching him find out that Bruce Wayne is Batman and immediately question him about an electric car promised by WayneTech will always be hilarious. His arc in season two, where he gets something of a happy ending, added to it all.

4 King Shark


Another member of Harley’s crew, King Shark is yet another character who gets turned on their head for the series. He’s first brought in to help Harley find a nemesis online due to his strong computer skills. King Shark is intelligent and pretty soft, overall.

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That being said, he still has a thirst for blood that becomes pretty violent when given the chance. Seeing him speak nicely about things and then bite someone’s head off is great. This works especially well because of how Ron Funches voices him. It would’ve been nice if he had a bit more screen time though, especially after he got married.

3 Kite Man


Hell yeah! If you want to understand the true brilliance of this series, then all one has to do is take a look at Kite Man. Long-known as a joke of a Batman villain, he becomes a marvelous character here. He first appears to flirt with Ivy and is basically laughed at.

He helps her out in that episode but does some poor things in regards to trying to get with her. That being said, she ultimately grows to care for him and their relationship is a good one. Kite Man shows an incredible amount of love for Ivy and if things were different, they would’ve been a great couple. He became such a likable character.

2 Harley Quinn


She may be the titular character but Harley Quinn is just beaten out for the top slot on this list. First and foremost, the voice work of Kaley Cuoco must be commended. You can really tell that she is throwing herself into the role, which is why every outlandish thing Harley does works so well.

Part of what makes this character so great is how much she grows. Ivy even points it out in the season two finale, saying that Harley is still clearly flawed but she’s trying and succeeding to change and become a better person. For all that Margot Robbie has done right as Harley, this feels like the best take on the character.

1 Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy Harley Quinn DC Universe

There is simply no character better on this show than Poison Ivy and it’s clear for several reasons. First, she’s incredibly powerful. Whenever Harley is in trouble, Ivy shows up and uses her abilities, overpowering almost everyone in her path. She has never seemed stronger in any iteration.

Ivy is also a fantastic person. She may be a villain but she’s also someone who fights hard for the world around her. Although she doesn’t like humans, she is the one who never gives up on Harley. Throw in tremendous voice work by Lake Bell and everything about Ivy in this series is perfect.

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