The Best Marvel/DC Romantic Moments of 2020

From grandiose weddings, to small ceremonies, and even surprising new flings, Marvel and DC were on a roll this year in the world of romance.

Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy found love in a hopeless place this year, and they weren’t the only ones. 2020 may have been a whirlwind of a year, both off the printed page and on, but many DC and Marvel characters still managed to make time for romance amidst the action and chaos.

Considering it’s been seemingly the longest year of all time, it makes sense that readers would turn to the colorful world of comics for an escape from the ever exhausting reality of life to live vicariously through the lives of their favorite heroes, villains, and vigilantes alike. For those needing a little hope, happiness, and a bit of that loving feeling, they could find some romance as well. So here’s to 2020 and the relationships that managed to blossom amidst the battles, trauma, and that confusing thing called life. And in case readers missed any of those tender moments, here are some highlights.

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The Aerie and Wink



In Suicide Squad #8 readers got a more personal insight into the Aerie and Wink’s relationship, as well as their backstory, discovering just how heartbreaking their origin is and also how connected they truly are. While on a mission with the Suicide Squad, the Aerie started recalling their backstory and origin, as well as when they first encountered Wink. This finally gave readers not only some solid and informative backstory for the Aerie, but also a better understanding of the connection Wink and they share… and the story that started it all.

Like most comic book characters, the Aerie’s origin story was not idyllic. They were kidnapped when they were younger to be used as a pawn in a political game, but ultimately ended up getting sold to an organization who’s specialty was forcibly creating metahumans through twisted science. Luckily, they weren’t alone in this desolate prison. There the Aeries found Wink and formed an unbreakable bond built on shared trauma and powers which allowed them to freely see one and other, and ultimately, help them escape. It was a moment during their successful escape which lands them a spot in this romantic recap.

As the two escaped, along with one half of the T.N. Teens, Wink teleported herself into the helicopter they were being chased by and thwarted the pilot’s efforts to take them down. By doing this she unfortunately then found herself free-falling through the sky, but luckily she had a guardian angel nearby ready to come to her aid. It was then that she gave the Aerie their name and the two shared a tender kiss as they sailed through the open sky to their newfound (temporary) freedom.

Hercules and Marvel Boy

Hercules and Marvel Boy Kiss in Comics


A fun new coupling came by surprise in Guardians of the Galaxy #6 when Nova let it slip that in the heat of battle Marvel Boy and Hercules found themselves in a rather passionate embrace. Despite this issue mainly focusing on Nova’s own therapy session in the wake of battle and Star Lord’s apparent demise, he did drop a couple golden nuggets of information that alluded to the new couple who found love in a hopeless place.

This reveal is rather exciting considering that Hercules’ character in Marvel comics has been through the wringer as far as writers flip-flopping his sexuality. Originally being written as a fairly open, seemingly pansexual being, he later got rewritten as being straight, a choice that many people did not react pleasantly to. That response was understandable considering what kind of light that shed on the inclusion of the LGBTQ+ community in comics. Luckily, the modern era of comics, and the modern lineup of Marvel writers, have brought back the Hercules fans love and love to watch find love… with whomever he deems fit.

Although the introduction to this new relationship may have seemed a bit forced, and altogether a tad ridiculous considering how doubtful it is that anyone would be thinking about anything sexual in the midst of battle while explosions are going off around you, it was still a welcome story development. It’ll be interesting to see how their little fling continues to grow in 2021, as well as for how long.

Hulkling and Wiccan

Wiccan and Hulkling


One of the most exciting romantic installments of 2020 would most assuredly be the union of Emperor Hulkling and Wiccan in Empyre: Avengers Aftermath. After fighting off the Cotati and saving Earth from a plant invasion, Marvel’s heroes no doubt were looking for some positivity following such a destructive war. Luckily, love was in the air and as Hulkling ascended to the throne of the newly aligned Kree/Skrull empire, a majority of the Marvel lineup gathered for a Jewish, intergalactic, wedding ceremony for the ages.

This was by no means a small affair, or an uneventful one, but it most certainly was a joyous occasion. The couple had maintained a close relationship since childhood, often sparking speculations from fans over the years that they had a more intimate relationship. Over time the speculation became reality, finally finding the two together for real and ultimately joining in marriage in 2020. Teddy said come on and marry me Bill, and he did. Let’s just hope that they didn’t miss out on the opportunity to put “Wedding Bell Blues” on their reception playlist.

Their union also bestowed upon Wiccan the title of Prince Consort and Court Wizard of the Alliance; a title he happily accepted. Unfortunately the happiness of the wedding was rudely interrupted with work drama and eerie prophecies from a less than likable source, but that luckily did not detract from the celebratory nature of the happy occasion.

After all, who doesn’t like a good wedding?

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Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy

Harley Quinn kisses Poison Ivy


Luckily for fans of both comics and romance alike, Marvel wasn’t the only one to toast a happy couple in 2020. In Injustice: Year Zero #8 lies the final and arguably most talked about romantic occasion of the year: the marriage of Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn.

This was a huge moment for DC comics fans. The two have been romantically involved off and on for some time now, but never anything really serious took hold due largely to Harley Quinn’s tumultuous relationship with the Joker. But this year things changed. Harley Quinn, in Harley Quinn fashion, broke into Arkham Asylum to free her girl, even stating to Poison Ivy on their way out that she has always been her exit strategy. It may have been a little cheesy, but it was a sweet moment nonetheless, and was also nod at what was yet to come.

Harley ended up taking Poison Ivy back to her sister’s place to introduce her to her daughter… but it was a rather heartbreaking moment. Harley kept asking Poison Ivy to look after her daughter for fear that she may not be around much longer given her situation with the Joker. Luckily Poison Ivy wouldn’t let anyone hurt her, and she confronted the Joker. Once again, she become Harley’s exit strategy. She surprised Harley with a beautiful small wedding, with her sister as witness and an Elvis impersonator to ordain. It was a tender way to uplift a previously grim situation, and an exciting character development for them both.

Overall it was quite the year for romance across the board. From flings, to relationships, to marriages, the world of comics provided readers with plenty of sweet lovin’ content. It may have been a rather depressing year outside the confines of the printed page, but at least fans got a few tender moments like these to help escape the reality of 2020. Plus, it’s a nice reminder that some people just can’t help falling in love. Now it’s time to see what romance 2021 has in store.

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