The Curse Of Oak Island: Is Season 8 Happening?

The Curse Of Oak Island is a multi-season series that airs on History Canada. The series has currently 7 seasons. It is an American television production that premieres in Canda on the history network.

The Curse Of Oak Island: Storyline

The series revolves around Oak Island mystery, treasure hunters in search of legendary treasure on the infamous Oak Island. Oak Island is located on the Atlantic shore of Southern Nova Scotia, Canada. The genre of the series is Reality, Marty and Rick Lagina’s two brothers are on a mission to find the treasure or artifacts. The series shows us the history of the island, recent discoveries, and prior attempts to investigate the site.

The turning point of Lagina’s brother’s life was when they read an article on the Retail family’s work to investigate the “money pit”

The Curse Of Oak Island Season 8: Is It Renewed? When Will It Release?

The Curse Of Oak Island premiered on January 5, 2014. Season 1 has 5 episodes, season 2 – 10 episodes, season 3 – 13 episodes, and so on with every season, the no of episodes has increased.

Season 7 was first aired on November 2, 2019, and last aired on April 28, 2020. The last episode ended with the conclusion that the Lagina brothers will fight for the treasure, which gives us hopes that there will be a season 8.

There are no updates on whether The Curse Of Oak Island will have a season 8 or not, but with its high demand, there are chances that History will give a go signal to the series. The show may be back in 2020.

It seems that work on the property has already begun, the History channel is attracting the audience by sharing pictures of the property. According to the sources, some drones were also sent to the location, pieces of equipment like trucks, cranes, and drones were also seen in the images.

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