The Expanse Comic Will Fill In Story Before Season 5

While eagerly awaiting season 5, fans of The Expanse can dip back into the world of Earthers, Belters, and Martians with a new comic series by BOOM!

Fans of The Expanse have something to look forward to while they wait for the fifth season of the popular series to hit streaming services. The show, based on the book series by James S.A. Corey (the pen name for writing team Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck), will step into the comics realm with a limited series later this year.

The Expanse is a science-fiction series that first began airing on the Syfy channel in 2015 and was later picked up by Amazon Prime in 2019. The story describes a solar system and asteroid belt now almost completely colonized by humanity, with the threat of war looming between the colonized planets – there is always some rumble of discontent between The Expanse’s Belters, Earthers, and Martians. In season four, viewers saw human settlers flying through wormholes to colonize new planets, creating a slew of new problems both political and domestic, and threatening the lives of multiple characters with concerns of violent land-grabs and undiscovered alien threats. The series ended on a cliffhanger, with a set of stealth asteroids careening towards Earth.

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The new comic series from BOOM! Studios will fill in the gaps between the recently ended season four and the upcoming season five. Written by experienced comic writer Corrina Bechko, the story will follow United Nations member Chrisjen Avasarala (played in the show by Shohreh Aghdashloo) as she follows Bobbie Draper (Frankie Adams), a former Martian Marine, down a rabbit hole of black markets and secret cabals, uncovering new threats the deeper she digs. Argentinian artist Alejandro Aragon joins Bechko in creating the art for the series – readers may recognize his work from Dark Horse’s sci-fi comic, Death Orb, which he co-created.


As a show steeped in messy politics, multiple storylines, and tons of science-fiction elements, it’s easy to understand why BOOM! Studios would be interested in dipping their metaphorical toes into the world of space settlers and Sol Rings. The Expanse has a literal universe of characters and storylines to choose from, making it a great playground for other storytellers.  Writer Bechko stated she “couldn’t be more excited” to work on the comic series. And, with Avasarala and Bobbie Draper at the center of the series, the complicated relationship between the two women can only make for an interesting read.

Fans looking for a fix of their favorite show during the long hiatus between seasons are certain to find something to catch their interest in the limited series. Bechko described the new comic as “noir-tinged”, a tantalizing tease for some fans if the gravitational pull of the great characters isn’t enough.

The Expanse #1 will hit shelves December 2, 2020. The comic is by Corinna Bechko and Alejandro Aragon, with cover art by W. Scott Forbes and variant cover art by Tigh Walker.

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