Titans’ Jason Todd Actor Shares Red Hood DC Comics Research For Season 3

As fans await season 3 of the onetime DC Universe show Titans, Jason Todd actor Curran Walters is preparing for his transformation into Red Hood.

Titans actor Curran Walters shows off his Red Hood research ahead of season 3. Walters plays Jason Todd on the onetime DC Universe show, and while he only began as a recurring player, he became a series regular for season 2. As the second Robin, Jason often found himself going head to head with the previous Robin, Dick Grayson (Brenton Thwaites). Jason did join the Titans in season 2, but the finale saw him striking out on his own after a series of traumas and disappointments. Fans immediately began to wonder what this would mean for Jason’s season 3 storyline.

The truth finally emerged last month at DC FanDome: Jason will become the Red Hood in Titans season 3. In the comics, Jason adopts this vigilante persona after being brutally murdered by the Joker and resurrected via Lazarus Pit. As Jason hasn’t died in Titans and isn’t likely to, fans have a lot of questions about how the show will deal with Jason’s evolution. The official logline for Titans season 3 mentions Jason is taking on this new identity “in his obsession to take down his old team,” hinting that a dramatic showdown is surely on the way.

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For his part, Walters is hard at work preparing for Titans season 3 and his Red Hood arc. The actor shared a picture of his DC Comics research on social media, which is entirely comprised of various Red Hood stories. Additionally, Walters has included the Death in the Family storyline where Jason died, most likely to get the full grasp of Jason’s transition from Robin to Red Hood.

Even ahead of the announcement that Jason would become Red Hood on Titans, Walters had expressed his desire to play the character in any way he could, including a spin-off. It remains to be seen where Red Hood will go after Titans season 3, but surely there could be opportunities to expand his story as far as it can go. Making matters even more exciting is the knowledge that Titans season 3 will also include Barbara Gordon and Scarecrow, bringing the story even more into the Batman world.

The only thing dampening fans’ excitement is the season’s delay. Production on Titans was supposed to take place earlier this year so episodes could premiere in the fall, but things have been postponed because of the coronavirus pandemic. As a result, it remains to be seen when season 3 will arrive on its new home, HBO Max. It certainly won’t be until 2021 at the earliest, so fans are going to have to wait a bit longer to see the first live-action Red Hood. Luckily, Walters is already prepared for the role.

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