Wand Guide (Where to Find Them & What They Do)

Wands are the player’s weapons in Noita. Each wand has different stats. These numbers can be confusing, so here is an explanation of how wands work.

Noita is a roguelike game, where every pixel is simulated. Wood burns, iron rusts, and acid will eat through the environment. Players defeat enemies through an impressive assortment of magic spells and cast them using wands.

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Wands are the player’s weapons in the game, and they have different stats that determine how they perform. The stats are clearly visible but can be confusing as the game does not explain what they do.

Understanding Wands in Noita

Noita Wands

The player begins the game with two basic wands. Generally, the first wand is for combat, while the second is for destroying terrain. Players can find wands as they explore the various biomes, but they can also find them at shops. At the end of each biome, a portal will take players to the Temple, which sometimes contains wands for purchase (other times it will be spells). It only here that players can edit wands unless the get the perk allowing editing anywhere. Since the stats on wands can be confusing, here is what they are, what they do, and what players want to look for.

  • Shuffle – This stat can either be Yes or No. If No, the spells will fire off in the order that appears on the wand. If Yes, they will happen in random order. Depending on what spells the wand has, this stat can either be particularly important or not at all. For example, if the wand is only equipped with several spells of the same type, the order doesn’t really matter. On the other hand, if the player is trying to pull off some crazy combo, then they absolutely want a wand with no shuffle.
  • Spells/Cast – This tells how many spells are cast at once every time the player fires. If the number is greater than 1, it can end up looking like a shotgun blast. Depending on what the player is going for, they may either want this number to be 1, or higher than 1.
  • Cast Delay – There is a delay between when spells are cast, which is determined by both the spell and the wand. Players will want as low a number as possible for this stat. Negative numbers are even better.
  • Recharge Time – When the spell in the last position in the wand is cast, the wand must recharge. Players want this number to be as low as possible for any of their combat wands because they are vulnerable while it is recharging. As such, it is one of the most important stats for combat wands, but for wands with rare, single-use spells like the Bomb spell, recharge time is not as important.
  • Mana Max – Spells cost mana. Players want to look for wands with a high max mana, so they do not run out of mana during a critical moment in combat. Also, some spells cost a lot of mana, and if the Mana Max is not high enough, the player will be unable to cast the spell.
  • Mana Charge Speed – This shows how quickly the player regains mana. The higher the number, the faster the mana will recharge. This is an important stat as well, as the cast rate will be significantly slowed if players run out of mana.
  • Capacity – This shows how many spells can be slotted into the wand. A higher number is always better, although wands with limited capacity might be worth it for their other stats.
  • Spread – This tells how accurate a wand is. Some spells naturally deviate, meaning they might not go exactly where the player aims. If the number is negative, it makes the spells more accurate, so players can hit where they are aiming.
  • Always Casts – Some wands have spells that they will always cast first. These can be very nice, as they cost no mana, and never run out of charges. Or it can be a real nuisance or possibly dangerous to the player.

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Noita is available now on PC.

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