What Obscure & Horrifying Spiders-Man Could Look Like In MCU

A new piece of fan art imagines what the truly creepy Spiders-Man character from the comics could look like in live-action form in the MCU.

A new piece of fan art imagines what a live-action version of Spiders-Man could look like in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The character is one of many alternate versions of the Spider-Man character featured in the Marvel comics that exists pretty firmly in the zanier side of the comics. As a result, the thought of Spiders-Man ever popping up in one of the big-budget Spider-Man or Marvel films continues to feel particularly far-fetched.

Introduced in the Spider-Geddon comic arc, Spiders-Man is one of the creepiest Marvel creations, which itself is the result of a particularly tragic origin story. The creature hails from Earth-11580, and was created when that Earth’s Peter Parker accidentally fell into a massive colony of spiders that, as part of a genetic experiment, were at that moment being hit repeatedly with radioactive particles. Parker was devoured by the colony, but the spiders also absorbed his consciousness. They developed a singular hive mind, and from then on, took on Parker’s form and became the Spiders-Man of Earth-11580.

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So with that in mind, the Instagram artist known as Britedit unveiled a new piece of fan art online today. The piece in question is a stellar and creepy imagining of a live-action version of the Spiders-Man character from the comics. Check out the art for yourself down below:

Coming off the success of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse in 2018, it’s hard to know for sure if a big-screen appearance is truly out of the question for even the zaniest versions of Spider-Man. Spider-Verse was, after all, so refreshing partly because it brought together so many versions of the character from the comics (including the John Mulaney-voiced Spider-Ham). With Marvel planning on expanding the multiverse in its upcoming MCU films as well, the potential for Tom Holland’s Peter Parker to cross paths with another Spider-Man is certainly there. To their credit, Marvel Studios definitely isn’t shy about including obscure Easter eggs and comic book references in their films either.

Considering the nature of the character, the above artwork is suitably creepy and horrifying in equal measure. It also does a good job of selling how a live-action version of the character could be pulled off in an MCU film. Of course, whether or not the MCU should ever feature, even briefly, the Spiders-Man character is another question entirely. For what it’s worth, it’d certainly be something unexpected.

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Source: Britedit

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