What To Know About Chelsey Lowe & Furry Friend Gryffin

The Pack is an adorable new adventure reality series, and Chelsey Lowe and Gryffin are fierce competitors. Learn more about Chelsey and her dog now.

If your dog and The Amazing Race are your two favorite things in life, Amazon’s The Pack is the show for you, and you’ll love learning more about show contestant Chelsey Lowe and her furry friend Gryffin. In this new race-around-the-world reality showdown, contestants strive for first (and a $500,000 prize) with their beloved pooches in tow. Hosted by gold medal-winning skier Lindsey Vonn and her dog Lucy, The Pack showcases the incredible relationship between a dog and its loving human. This unique bond is very personal. 

Each and every one of the twelve competitors on The Pack will tell you that their precious pup is their “best friend.” A contestant might go even further, by describing their pooch as a “soulmate” or “child.” These are the kinds of people who take their dogs with them everywhere because they know that there is no greater reward than a dog’s love. Chelsey is definitely someone who always wants her dog by her side. 

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Chelsey Lowe is Australian Shepherd Gryffin’s special human. Chelsey says Gryffin is an alpha dog, which means she’s a real leader of the pack. “Every ball is her ball,” says the 29-year-old. As a single beach yoga instructor living in Newport Beach, CA, this new reality star is no stranger to the pressures that go along with family gatherings. Questions like “When are you going to get married? Are you dating anyone? What are you doing with your life?” can be very stressful, especially when facing them alone. The pressure can be huge, but with Gryffin by her side, Chelsey says she doesn’t feel so alone anymore. 


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Chelsey and Gryffin have been together for about seven years now. Chelsey got her sweet girl shortly after graduating from college. She’d been wanting a dog for a while. One day, while she was on her way home from a road trip with a friend, she found Gryffin in an online search. Gryffin was just seven weeks old. 

Chelsey says that as a beach girl, Gryffin isn’t as accustomed to sniffing and searching as some of the other dogs, but that won’t stop this dynamic duo. As a former college volleyball player, Chelsey is no stranger to tough competition. Gryffin is just as competitive. These two are eager to take first. The duo that does finish in 1st place will take home $500,000, but that’s not all. The winning team will also win $250,000 for the charity of their choice. Chelsey and Gryffin are playing for the Animal Welfare Institute, a charity working to stop human-inflicted suffering on animals. When playing for such a good cause it’s hard not to root for these The Pack competitors!

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