Where to Find Acorns (& What They’re For)

As seasons change, Animal Crossing: New Horizons gained a new seasonal item: acorns. What is there use? How long will they be around for?

As the northern hemisphere enters the fall season, players in Animal Crossing: New Horizons are getting a new seasonal item: acorns! Just like the summer and spring seasons before it, fall has several new items to offer players. Of course, currently, only northern hemisphere players will be experiencing fall. However, that time will come around again for southern hemisphere players in March.

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Fall officially started within the game as of the first of September. During this time, players can find new fall-based items and experiences. This includes things like the leaves changing color, pinecones, pumpkins, new characters, and acorns.

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Acorns in Animal Crossing: New Horizons?


For players who are prone to chopping down every hardwood tree on their island, hold back the axes. Hardwood trees, also known as the trees that don’t bear fruit or money, now have a new purpose. They can drop acorns from players shaking them. Hardwood trees can be shaken up to 10 times a day to get as much out of their branches as possible.

Acorns will continue to fall out of trees in New Horizons until December 10th. As previously stated, this is only for players with the northern hemisphere islands. For those with the southern hemisphere islands, this season is from March 1st to June 10th. If a player has forgotten what hemisphere they placed their island in Isabelle will announce when certain seasons start and end.

In the previous edition of Animal Crossing: Wild World acorns were a part of the Acorn Festival and appeared beneath trees during this time. Acorns came in many forms and could be traded for mushroom furniture. It is similar in this edition but not the same. Instead, acorns can be made into different DIY projects or sold.

The DIY items made from acorns are the Tree’s Little Bounty set. This set includes a small and large tree, a yellow-leaf pile, a mobile, a lamp, an arch, a balancing toy, and a handbag. Each of these has a different recipe that must be discovered or purchased before players can make any of them.

These rather festive items all require at least acorns. The handbag, acorn pochette, requires just six acorns. The balancing toy needs two pieces of hardwood and four acorns. For the big tree players will need four pieces of clay, eight tree branches, four acorns, five pinecones, and four maple leaves. The lamp takes four pieces of clay and six acorns, The little tree requires one piece of hardwood, four acorns, and six pinecones. For the mobile players will need three tree branches, three acorns, and two pinecones. The yellow pile of leaves takes five clumps of weeds and three acorns. Lastly, the arch requires 15 tree branches, five acorns, four pinecones, and five maple leaves.

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons is available on the Nintendo Switch.

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