Which Animated Mulan Character Are You, According To Your Zodiac Sign?

With the live-action remake of Mulan dropping on Disney Plus, it was only logical to look back on the 1998 animated classic that has delighted generations with its subversive story, stunning set-pieces, and sumptuous songs. One of the best parts of the film is the magnificent cast of characters.

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These characters range in terms of their personalities and attributes, meaning that they each align to different signs of the Zodiac. Depending on one’s Zodiac sign, there is a Mulan character they embody the most. After all, Disney films are always rich with fantastic figures. Mulan is just one example of many.

12 Aries: Chi-Fu


As one of the antagonists of Mulan, Chi-Fu is quite snobby and dastardly and impossible to root for. Still, like any Disney villain, he manages to chew the (albeit, animated) scenery.

Chi-Fu is an Aries because, as the lackey of the film’s primary villain, he is always eager to prove himself, and is extremely blunt when it comes to putting his opinion out in the world. He’s also quick to compete against others, and can be stubborn – total Aries traits.

11 Taurus: Chien-Po


Chien-Po is a fighter who forms a bond with Mulan during their time training with the Chinese army. And to put it lightly, Chien-Po needed a lot of training during this time.

In spite of his need to be whipped into shape, Chien-Po was a person of immaculate character even before developing his fighting skills. As a dependable friend of characters like Mulan and Ling, Chien-Po embodies the strength within Taurus.

10 Gemini: Ling


Speaking of Ling, the lanky fighter in the Chinese army also needs to be expertly trained during the film. But a “man was made” out of him by those in charge of training the soldiers at hand.

Ling represents the Geminis of the Zodiac because he always tries to lead with kindness (even if this isn’t apparent at first). However, he’s also incredibly versatile and occupies many roles in the film.

9 Cancer: Grandmother Fa


Grandmother Fa is the kind of matriarch everyone could stand to experience in their families. She is exceptionally kind and always treats others with compassion, just as Cancers do.

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Like Cancers, Grandmother Fa is also quite protective. She doesn’t allow this trait to overwhelm the people she loves, but it always comes from a place of genuine affection.

8 Leo: Yao


Yao is definitely a Leo. Even forgetting the fact that Harvey Fierstein lends his distinctive voice to the character of Yao, the soldier would still be an obvious symbol for Leos.

Of the Chinese soldiers, Yao is the hot-headed one, who is gruff and quick to lose his temper. Like Leos, Yao suffers no fools and is always willing to give his full effort for a mission.

7 Virgo: The Matchmaker

Mulan Matchmaker Scene

The Matchmaker in Mulan is a character who plays a small, but pivotal, role in the film. She is a figure who helps set the entire character arc of Mulan in motion, presenting an identity and romantic crisis to the protagonist of the film.

As such, The Matchmaker is definitely a symbol for Virgos. Her analytical nature contributes to this, as she develops romantic matches for the community.

6 Libra: Fa Zhou


Mulan’s father, Fa Zhou, sets off the narrative elements of the film, while The Matchmaker emphasizes the thematic side of the story. As such, Fa Zhou resembles a perfect Libra for those attuned to their Zodiac signs.

Libras are well-regarded for their senses of honor, duty, and fairness. Fa Zhou is not in a grand condition at the start of the film, but he still does his best to rise to what is expected of him. And he never lashes out along the way.

5 Scorpio: Mulan


Arriving now at the Scorpio sign of the Zodiac, no one fits these attributes as well as Mulan, the hero of the movie. Mulan is an extremely stubborn character who never takes heeds the word “no.”

That’s what presents her as a Scorpio representative. In addition to this, Mulan also embraces the courage and resourcefulness that mark the figures of the Scorpio sign.

4 Sagittarius: Mushu


Like most Disney sidekicks, Mushu is occasionally helpful and always funny. That is why Mushu is the perfect character to bring the identity of Sagittarius to the forefront.

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He is generous of spirit, to be sure. However, he is also incredibly outgoing, engaging, and funny. These are great qualities in a sidekick and they’re also the qualities mostly found in Sagittarius.

3 Capricorn: Li Shang

Li Shang

Let’s get down to business to understand why Li Shang is the perfect Mulan character to represent the Capricorns of the Zodiac. After all, Li Shang is the male protagonist and he’s one of the film’s best characters.

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His Capricorn side is represented by his independent nature, disciplined training regimens, and immense tenacity. These are all qualities shared with Capricorns, presenting Li Shang as a no brainer for this sign.

2 Aquarius: Shan Yu


Speaking of no brainers, the primary villain of Mulan, Shan Yu, is strongly tied to the Aquarius with no other Zodiac sign even coming close to matching up with his personality.

An uncompromising villain, Shan Yu stands up to the ruthless nature instilled within many Aquarius folk. He even manages to get a kick out of his villainy, from time to time, despite his most frequent stoicism.

1 Pisces: The Emperor


The Emperor in Mulan is a wise figure, who always provides the gentlest touch to the ruling of China. (His words of wisdom have even snuck into the Happily Ever After show at the Magic Kingdom.)

A man of affection and kindness, The Emperor is a perfect Pisces representative because those born under that sign are similarly wise. That goes a long way in Mulan.

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