Who Are The Top 25 B-Town Celebrities Reha Chakraborty Named Of, Dark Truths Coming Out?

Rhea Chakraborty reveals the top 25 Bollywood celebrities who may be involved in narcotics.

She made the revelation to the Narcotics Control Bureau while being tested for narcotics use. As of now, she has been arrested by the NCB on narcotics-related allegations in the Sushant suicide case. However, NCB makes no official mention of her use of narcotics. That still has to be answered.

Well, due to obvious reasons none of the names has been revealed by NCB yet. However, the accused ones will be summoned soon. So, I guess only then will we get to know about that dark truth of Bollywood.

Further, the report says the mentioned 25 people will be put in three separate categories namely Cartel A, B, and C. These reports cite NCB top officials as its source. In fact, to increase the validity of these claims, the report says, that electronic devices procured from alleged narcotics dealer earlier by NCB corroborate to these allegations.

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Though she has mentioned that Sushant used narcotics and also that it was being consumed on the set of his 2018 film, ‘Kedarnath’. In light of this information, at some level, we can derive that people present on that set might also be involved in this criminal activity. So, two of those 25 B-Town celebs could be Sara Ali Khan and Abhishek Kapoor. She has also confessed to consuming narcotics herself. Even though her lawyer previously said that his client has not consumed any banned substance ever.

However, on a personal level, it is difficult for me to believe that a person like Sushant Singh Rajput would do narcotics. As he appeared to be a man of knowledge and thought who was fascinated by science. Moreover, there is no solid proof to support that allegation, it is just Rhea Chakraborty’s claims.

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