Why Hades’ Best Weapon Is The Heart-Seeking Coronacht Bow

Hades offers players six different weapons to choose from. Each has a different set of strengths and abilities, but one stands out above the rest.

Picking the right weapon before dashing off into Tartarus is one of the many challenges in Hades. Players have six different Infernal Arms to choose from, and each offers a unique experience. Picking a weapon decides what boons will be available from the gods, what Daedalus Hammer upgrades the player can find, and how they will be tackling enemies they encounter. However, there is one Hades weapon that stands out as the best, with its versatility and combat strength.

For players tired of stabbing things with a sword, it could be fun to grab something different Coronacht, the Heart-Seeking Bow, from its stand. However, many may not know this weapon holds some of the most powerful upgrades in Hades. Coronacht is primarily a ranged weapon, but it is not limited to ranged attacks. The bow has a Power Shot that works best at a distance, but its Special attack casts a wave of arrows that, when fired up close, hit the enemy for a large amount of damage. Because of this, there are few limitations on how distance can affect bow-based combat styles.

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Weapons in Hades have Aspects, upgraded forms unlocked with Titan’s Blood. The most effective for Coronacht is the Aspect of Chiron. This form not only changes the bow’s appearance but has special benefits, like tracking foes that have already been struck by the player, which makes it easier to hit them a second time. It also increases the maximum shots fired during a player’s Special attack, depending on the bow’s level. The Aspect of Chiron, at level five, fires eight shots.

Hades’ Coronacht, The Heart-Seeking Bow Weapon Is Versatile & Powerful


Hades Twin Fists


One of the most important upgrades players can get in Hades comes from encountering the Daedalus Hammer artifact. The upgrades players can get with the hammer are temporary, lasting only until they are killed and ejected from the dungeons to The House of Hades. The two upgrades players will want to seek out for Coronacht are Snipershot, which hits targets that are far away for an additional 200% more damage, and Piercing Volley, which shatters enemy armor with 400% more damage. These effects create a powerful combination that leaves most enemies as piles of dust at the players feet.

Another critical part of playing Hades is collecting the correct boons from the gods for each attempt at a dungeon run. For players using Coronacht, boons from Artemis can greatly increase power to both the Special and the Power Shot. Other boons to look out for are ones that deal damage when the player dashes. Zeus and Poseidon both offer players different dash benefits, like lightening strikes or enemy knock-back, so keeping an eye out for their emblems on doors can be beneficial. Part of the fun of Hades is learning the different combat styles each of the game’s weapons offer, but for players wanting to vaporize the shades of Tartarus, the Coronacht Infernal Arm is arguably the best fit.

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